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Briefly in English - Kokkola

Kokkola is a charming seaside town with a population of about 47 000.
The king of Sweden, Gustav II Adolf founded the town in 1620. Anders
obtained free trading rights for the city in 1765. At that time
Kokkola was famous for its ships and their tar cargos. The trading
tradition is still going strong and it is one of the reasons for keeping
the city international, bilingual, obliging and distinctive. And nowadays
the town is the provincial centre of Central Ostrobothnia.

Kokkola is also a cultural town that offers versatile cultural experiences
and a broad-spectrum of annual events. Kokkola is traditionally a shipping
and trading town as well as a modern and vital provincial centre.

The old part of the town, Neristan and the sea attracts visitors, as well as
the multiple annual events. Kokkola is also a known conference city that
offers versatile and functional meeting services in the middle of Finland.
It is easy to come to Kokkola!

Welcome to Kokkola!

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Tervetuloa Kokkolaan!

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