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Tankar Inn 
The old pilot station has 8 double rooms. Shared shower, toilet, kitchen and lounge. Sauna available. The well equipped kitchen and lounge can also be used as a meeting room. Meeting? Ask for a quote. All accommodations can include a breakfast in Café Tankar at extra charge. Tankar Inn includes bed linen, but in other accommodations linen cost extra.

The Tower
Make your stay even more memorable! The tower at the pilot station is possible to rent for accommodation. Windows offer 360 degree view in all directions. The room has its own viewing platform and air conditioning.

Tankar Guest cabin
An atmospheric cabin next to the café.  The Guest Cabin has a kitchen and a large traditional room accommodating 4 people in two bunk beds (110 cm wide). Outhouse and wood burning sauna nearby. 

Lighthouse Keeper's House 
Accommodation in a room for 4-6 persons
The old Lighthouse Master’s Sund, Mattsson, Harald, and Lindell lived in this historic 19th century log building – who’s room do you choose? Shared kitchen, outhouse and sauna. 


The Lighthouse island of Tankar
Tel. +358 40 8065 075

Tankar Inn
Tankar Inn

Tankar guest cabin
Tankar guest cabin

Lighthouse keeper's house
Lighthouse keeper's house

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