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Summer Hotels and Hostels

Villa Carleborg
This peaceful hostel surrounded by a garden is located in the city centre. Care has been taken to preserve the original feel of both the rooms and the decoration of the house. Affordable prices include the use of sauna. There are 3 kitchens in the house, and free parking and WiFi. Welcome!
Hakalahdenkatu 69
Tel. +358 40 937 4408 (Niko), +358 44 976 5487 (Riikka)

Brink Old Vicarage
Brinks Old Vicarage, surrounded by a natural garden with hens, a cat with kittens and a gentle dog, is situated in a walking distance (5 minutes by car) from Kokkola
city center. We appreciate green values also in our business. Free parking and WiFi. Welcome!
Opettajakuja 4
Tel. +358 40 8255 955

Hostel Racuna
Koivuhaantie 1
Tel. 045 645 4980 

Tankar Inn - accommodation in a room for 2 persons
Lighthouse Keepers House - accommodation in a room for 4-6 persons
Tankar Guestlodge - accommodation in a cottage for 4-8 persons
Booking Accommodation on the Island of Tankar:
Tel. +358 40 8065 075, +358 40 8065 077

Central Ostrobothnia Institute
Opistontie 1, 68300 Kälviä
Tel. +358 44 7250 740, +358 6 8250 000älviä

Villa Carleborg
Villa Carleborg

Brink Old Vicarage
Brink Old Vicarage
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