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Welcome to experience the many faces of nature in Kokkola. We have a very comprehensive network of hiking and saunter routes. For further information about our outdoor activites and routes click on the link below. 

Outdoor Routes
You can find more details about the outdoor routes in Kokkola and Central Ostrobothnia here. Collection of touristic services in Central Ostrobothnia can be found here.

From the Kokkola recreation map you can find routes for skiing, hiking, boat cruising or paddling, rest stops and points of interest are also marked on the map. You can buy a map of Kokkola's outdoor activities from Kokkola Sport Hall and from Swimming Centre VesiVeijari. More about outdoor routes in Central Ostrobothnia, visit here. For further details:
Reittien ja Matkailupalvelujen Keski-Pohjanmaa -project
Mari Keiski, Tel. 044 7809 715,

Horseback riding in Kokkola
- Muhosen Talli, Muhosentie 61, 68300 Kälviä, Tel. +358 6 8352 104, +358 40 5038 148,
- Stall Classic, Heimarin ravirata, Hejmarintie 10, Kokkola, Tel. +358 400 646 794,

Winter swimming and sauna
How about a swimming in unheated nature pool? Try this at Palmahovi, Tel. +358 6 8221 815.

The nature is near, photo: Ville Hyytinen
The nature is near


Winter swimming

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