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Welcome to experience the many faces of nature in Kokkola. We have a very comprehensive network of hiking and saunter routes. 

From the Kokkola recreation map you can find routes for skiing, hiking, boat cruising or paddling, rest stops and points of interest are also marked on the map. You can buy a map of Kokkola's outdoor activities from Kokkola Sport Hall and from Swimming Centre VesiVeijari.

Collection of touristic services in Central Ostrobothnia can be found here. More about outdoor routes in Central Ostrobothnia, visit Outdoor Active

Hear the call of the wild – From the sea to the wilderness. Spend time outdoors and let the nature help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Hiking routes

Hällskäret shelter 0,5 km

Öja archipelago trail 21,8 km

Tankar Island nature and heritage archipelago trail 1,4 km

Harrbåda lighthouse / Rummelö nature trail 4,5 km

Dunes trail Dyynipolku, Lohtaja 1 km

Perhojoki hiking route 25,7 km

Kälviä boulder rocks 0,1km

Kaanaanmaantie – Trullevi 17,7 km

Laajalahti nature trail 3,5 km

Ohtakari nature trail 2,1 km

Lohtajan karipolku -route by the sea 7,8 km

Håkin lenkki -trail, Öja 12,2 km

Köykäri - Perhonjoki river trail  24,3 km

Sannanranta winter walking route 3,5 km

Biking routes

Archipelago bike route Kokkola - Öja 35,7 km

Kokkola, city by the sea 6,1 km

Local culture and history - cycling tour in Lohtaja 31,2 km

Mountain biking in sand dunes to fisherman village 31,6 km

Cycling route Marinkainen – Uusikylä 45,6 km

Cycling route "Finnish war 1808 - Kälviä" 19 km

Karhi cycling route, Lohtaja 17,2 km

Suntinsuu cycling route 11,6 km

Cycling route in Lohtaja villages 32,8 km

Cycling route in Marinkainen 16,4 km

The nature is near, photo: Ville Hyytinen
The nature is near

Outdoor routes
Outdoor routes

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