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Sea and Archipelago

The sea and the archipelago have always been a vital part of the area of Kokkola. Kokkola is an old seaport with a rich history of ship building and seafaring. We can offer you wonderful trips in the archipelago by ship, canoe or even by swimming.

Tankar, the Lighthouse Island of Kokkola!
The lighthouse island of Tankar is situated in the outer archipelago of the Bay of Bothnia, about 15 km northwest of Kokkola. The island is approximately 900 meters long and 500 meters wide and it was called Klippan (the rock) in the 16th century. The islands lighthouse was built in 1889 and it’s still in use. There is also an old fishing village, a chapel, a bird-watching tower and a piloting station on the island. 

7 Bridges Archipelago
Experience the 7 Bridges Archipelago in Nykarleby – Pedersöre – Jakobstad – Larsmo – Kronoby – Kokkola. We are developing our region and highlighting milieus which are suitable for fascinating activities. A region characterized by the sea and islands, woods and lakes, open landscape and horizon. You will find here a true balance between town and countryside.

During a hot summer day it is advised to visit one of our fantastic beaches:

Right next to the housing fair area in Vanhansatamanlahti; sandy beach with parkinglot, toilets and a skating park. The beach is monitored (lifeguard on duty during summer). 

Vattajanniemi & Ohtakari
Largest complete beach in the nordic countries in Lohtaja. Approximately 40 km from Kokkola is Vattajaniemi, which is located next to Ohtakari island. Vattajaniemi is the perfect place for sunbathers beacuse of the hot sun and sand dunes as far as eyes.

Small beaches Punakallio (Red Rock) and Valkohieta (White Sands), pavilion, hut for barbecue and toilet.

Beach, pavilion, hut for barbecue, volleyball net, nature trail and a bird observing deck.

Beach in Ykspihlaja, Kokkola. Pavilion and toilets. Monitored beach (during summertime) 

Öjan Kalastajakylä
Dock for boats, swimming beach, café, museum and volleyball net.

Heading out to the ocean?
You have a variety of choices how to get out to the sea. Cruising destinations include lighhouse island Tankar, Öja fishing village, fishing village of Bosund, Köpmanhom and the archipelago of Lohtaja-Himanka.

Kokkola Tourism Ltd - cruises to Tankar lighthouse island
City Hall, Market Place 5, P.O.Box 43
FI-67100 Kokkola
Tel. +358 40 8065 075
Tel. groups +358 44 7809 713

Kokkola Lifeboat Association - m/s Sällgrund II
Tel. +358 40 5424 443, Kokkola Lifeboat Ass. homepage

West Coast Sailing ry, sailing boat Bavaria 37 Cruiser
Tel. 0400 325 002,

Merelle Adventures, kayak & canoe hire, paddling guidance, guided outdoor tours
Tel. 050 363 1582

Taksivene (Taxi boat)
Tel. 040 1827 075,,

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