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Coast and Archipelago

The sea and the archipelago have always been a vital part of Kokkola. Kokkola is an old seaport with a rich history of ship building and seafaring. The coast offers wonderful trips in the archipelago by ship, canoe or even by swimming. We also have beautiful shores and beaches that you should definitely visit in summer days. 
The Lighthouse Island of Tankar  
Island of Tankar is the gate of Kokkola when arriving from the sea. Since the 16th century it has provided shelter to the fishermen and seal hunters. The lighthouse island of Tankar is situated in the outer archipelago of the Bay of Bothnia, about 15 km northwest of Kokkola. Salty seawater in the air, you can almost smell the old fishermen life and hear the echoes of the stories that have vanished with the northern wind.  

The lighthouse was built in 1889 and ever since it has guided ships safely to the Kokkola Harbour. Today Tankar is a varied travel destination. Leave the stress and hurry on the mainland and experience the peaceful nature and the unique history of traditional Finnish island life. For nature lovers Tankar is like a little paradise in the middle of the sea. There is over 180 species of plants and some of them are rare ones. Tankar provides amazing chance for bird watching also. There has been seen at least 260 different species of birds, and 40 of them are nesting in the island.  

The charming village has old fishermen’s houses, a café, a guest cabin and a bird station. And watching over it all is an old wooden church built in 1754. Seal Hunting Museum tells the story of this old coastal profession, and at the lighthouse area you find out how the maritime pilots, lighthouse keepers and their families lived. Dive in the history and soak up the atmosphere by staying overnight on the island. Sleep in the old pilot station at Tankar Inn, the old Lighthouse Master’s House, or the authentic Guest Cabin. Finish the day at traditional wood-heated sauna. Arrange meetings or small celebrations. If you want to impress your guests – Tankar is the right place. 

Köpmanholmen (Luoto) 
Not too far away from mainland, there is a verdant and natural Island of Köpmanholmen. It welcomes families, school groups and even companies. There is a coffee house/restaurant, conference room, sightseeing tower and of course peace of nature. Köpmanholmen has a volleyball courts and beach with slide for children.  
7 Bridges Archipelago 
Experience the 7 Bridges Archipelago in Nykarleby – Pedersöre – Jakobstad – Larsmo – Kronoby – Kokkola. We are developing our region and highlighting milieus which are suitable for fascinating activities. A region characterized by the sea and islands, woods and lakes, open landscape and horizon. You will find here a true balance between town and countryside. The archipelago route is excellent to discover by bike.  
Vanhansatamanlahti and Meripuisto - park by the sea
Kokkolas Vanhansatamanlahti and Meripuisto offers an excellent chance to stop by for a picnic in hot summer day with whole family. Great sea view and big grass area calls families with blankets and food baskets, and big sandy beach makes a perfect opportunity for children to make some sandcastles. The beach has lifeguard on duty during summer and the area gives a chance to play games, enjoy sea activities or just traditionally lay on the beach. In this gorgeous recreational area, you can find skate ramps, volleyball courts, disc golf track and outdoor gym. For children there is a playground with a big boat. Next to Meripuisto is popular 4-star Kokkola Camping, which provides more activities such as mini golf. There is an ice cream bar by the beach. 

Cruises to archipelago and Tankar Lighthouse Island leave from Meripuisto. There is also free parking space and a small guest harbour. If you get hungry, there is a restaurant Burger Village making sure that you get all the tasty burgers and cold beverages you need. There are toilets that are open during day. From Meripuisto, there is only 2,5 km distance to the city, and you can walk by the beautiful shores of river Sunti, admiring the old boathouses that are so famous, they can be found from Finnish brand Vallila’s Kokkola fabric. You reach Meripuisto by walking, with car or bike or even by roller skating! 
Vattajanniemi & Ohtakari 
A great location for taking a short break or making a day trip. The Vattaja region is a scenically unique coastal area not only in Finland, but also in the Northern Europe. Approximately 40 km from Kokkola locates the largest sandy beach area in the Nordic countries, over 15 km long Vattajanniemi. Finlands largest dune shores are in a gorgeous state of nature and they offer new things to see every time you visit. Vattajanniemi is the perfect place for sunbathers, photographers and travellers because of the hot sun and sand dunes as far as eyes can see. 
Next to Vattajanniemi is Ohtakari Island. Ohtakari is an important base for fishermen, area has an old fishing history, and you can get to know it in Ohtakari Fishing Museum. The island is connected with a bridge. Views from the Pooki lighthouse out towards the dunes and the open sea are breath-taking. Today, there are approximately 50 holiday houses built in the area. There is also a nature trail for hikes or biking, guest harbour and coffee house that is open during summers. There are many campfire places on the area.  

Both Vattajanniemi and Ohtakari are in the migratory bird routes and the bird population is remarkable. Vattajanniemi are is partly Finnish Armys practise range, so there can be restricted areas.  
Trullevinniemi beaches Punakalliot (Red Rocks) and Valkohieta (White Sands) lures families to enjoy summer day with picnic and swimming. Punakalliot has a huge amount of red rocks that are warm in hot summer day. There are toilets, changing room and a fireplace. Valkohieta provides amazing sea landscape and a very beautiful sandy beach. In Valkohieta, there are toilets, changing room and a lean-to campfire. 
Laajalahti provides a lot to see and do, even for a whole day! There is a nature trail, where birds are singing and in a sunny day, the light shimmers trough the branches beautifully. You can play disc golf in a full 18 basket course in the forest or volleyball in the beach. Bird watching is also advisable, for there are two bird observation towers and a lot of birds. Beautiful dune landscape is decorated with huge old pine trees and duckboards that lead to Laajalahti beach. Water is low, so you can go swimming with the small children also. Laajalahti beach has a changing room and a hut for barbecue. 
Beach in idyllic Ykspihlaja. The services include a pavilion and toilets.  
Fisherman Village of Öja 
Fisherman Village of Öja can be accessed even by boat. Guest harbour provides a place for leisure boats and area has a beach, jumping tower, coffee house Cafe Bryggan, museum and a beach volley court. There is also a beautiful nature trail! 

Heading out to the ocean? 
You have a variety of choices how to get out to the sea.  
Kokkola Tourism Ltd - cruises to Tankar Lighthouse Island 
Market Place, Kokkola 
Tel. +358 40 8065 075 
Tel. groups +358 44 7809 713 

Taksivene M/S Leo (Taxi boat) 
Leaves from Mustakari/Meripuisto
Tel. 040 1827 075,, 
Kokkolan meripelastajat - M/S Sällgrund II  
Tel. +358 40 5424 443, Kokkolan meripelastajat 


Köpmanholmen's map
Köpmanholmen's map

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