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Commercial Centers

The Halpa-Halli department store offers a complete range of products, including
clothing and textiles for the whole family, everyday items, cosmetics, car accessories, home electronics and food. The business is founded on quality goods, affordable prices and excellent customer service. Free parking for 400 cars.
Open: Mon-Sat 8-21, Sun 10-18
Tehtaankatu 1
Tel. +358 20 7182 500

Shopping Centre Chydenia
Chydenia is one of the best shopping centres in Kokkola. From the dozens of different stores you will find top brands, restaurants, home accessories, household items and much more. Chydenia is a spacious, trendy and high-quality shopping center for
the whole family. The parking garage on Rantakatu has free parking.
Open: Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-16 
Rantakatu 2-4 & 6, Tehtaankatu 3-5, Isokatu 4

Minimani Kokkola
Minimani is an independent, innovative and fastdeveloping retail chain, and a comprehensively inexpensive alternative in its target area.
Open: Mon-Fri 8-22, Sat 8-21, Sun 10-18
Tehtaankatu 43
Tel. +358 44 4013 737

Kallentori Shopping Centre
S-Market, fleamarket, pharmacy and many services and special shops and boutiques. Plenty of parking spaces in the underground parking garage (200) and outside (100).
Open: Mon-Sat 7-21, Sun 10-21
Pitkänsillankatu 15

Prismantie 1
Tel. +358 20 780 7400

Heinolankaari 9
Tel. +358 10 5379 100


Shopping Center Chydenia
Shopping Center Chydenia


Kallentori Shopping Center
Kallentori Shopping Center

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