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Waffle Cafe - Vohvelikahvila - Taideleipomo
The Waffle Café and Art Bakery are situated in the idyllic museum quarter in the former premises of Forsnabba bakery. Come and enjoy our delicious waffles and salads, hot and cold beverages and make great art finds.
Pitkänsillankatu 26
Tel. +358 40 8428 819

Kokkola-Camping, Cafe-Restaurant
Meripuisto 10
Tel. +358 6 8314 006

Café Voudintupa (The Bailiff´s House - Kruununvoudintalo)
Traditional delicacies and fabulous experiences in the nearly 350-year-old Kruununvouti house. Also banquets, meetings and special dinners on order.
Welcome to enjoy our unhurried atmosphere! Open: 27.6.-12.8.
Kaarlelankatu 43
Tel. +358 40 196 4434

Café Bryggan - summer cafe
Enjoy the view of the archipelago in our café located in the village of Öja in Kokkola. The café has a wonderful beach terrace, beach and guest harbor as well as great walking and hiking trails. The village hall in Öja has good meeting facilities.
Fisherman village Öja, Öjantie 454
Tel. +358 6 8340 111, +358 6 8340 100, +358 50 3377 522

Summer Cafe Jukkolanmäen Navetanvintti
Stunning rural milieu, an atmospheric cowshed´s attic, the scent of delicious food, laughter and happy chatter, entertaining music and a warm, dusky evening in August. Over 300 m2 of rural romantic banquet rooms for rent in Lohtaja. Less than a half an hour’s drive from Kokkola. Weddings, birthdays, concerts and corporate events. The atmospheric cowshed-cafe is open by appointment, also for groups.
Jukkolanmäentie 27, Lohtaja
Tel. +358 440 880 403

Halpa-Hallin Keittiö
Don’t worry if you get hungry during your shopping or when traveling. Halpa-Hallin keittiö has everything you need from delicious home cooked lunches to hamburger meals and à la carte as well as pastries and coffee. Our kitchen is also open during weekday
Tehtaankatu 1
Tel. +358 20 7182 561

Cafe Restaurant Kulma
Rantakatu 10
Tel. +358 40 631 3314

Puoti & kahvila Anne (Shop & Café Anne)
Shop & Café Anne operates in a house surrounded by 1800s log walls. The café serves traditional home-baked pastries, salty and sweet and also during summer soft icecream and waffles. In the shop side you can find local handicraft, domestic linen clothes, small decorative items, as well a large part of antiques, restored and original, mainly farmer items. The shop is open 1.5.-30.8. and from November until Christmas.
Eläinpuistontie 10, 68300 Kälviä
Tel. +358 50 4007 093

Café Seurahuone
Torikatu 24
Tel. +358 20 7959 600

Café Kahvipuu
Isokatu 11
Tel. +358 6 8312 857

Cafe Saha
Sahakatu 8
Tel. +358 44 993 2080

Café Stiina
Tehtaankatu 8
Tel. +358 44 3118 525

Jungle Juice Bar
Chydenia Center, Tehtaankatu 3-5 
Tel. +358 50 591 1599 

Café Eden
Kaarlelankatu 55
FI-67100 Kokkola
Tel. +358 50 5940 030

Arnold´s Donuts
Chydenia Center, Tehtaankatu 3-5

Spice Ice
Chydenia Center, Tehtaankatu 3-5

Chydenia Center, Tehtaankatu 3-5

Lunch-cafe Karoliina
Patamäentie 3
FI-67100 Kokkola
Tel. +358 6 8230 763

Delicacies, photo: Ville Hyytinen

Waffle Café - Vohvelikahvila - Taideleipomo
Waffle Café - Vohvelikahvila - Taideleipomo

The Bailiff´s House - Kruununvoudintalo
The Bailiff´s House - Kruununvoudintalo

Café Bryggan
Café Bryggan

Jukkolanmäen Navetanvintti
Jukkolanmäen Navetanvintti

Halpa-Hallin Keittiö
Halpa-Hallin Keittiö
Puoti ja Kahvila Anne
Puoti ja Kahvila Anne

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