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Nera Scandinavian Steak House
Nera is a mix of Nordic casual bistro and international steakhouse atmosphere. This beautiful combination is reflected in the relaxed service, excellent meat and high quality drinks. The restaurant opened its doors in 2018 and is located in a two-story log building in the heart of Kokkola’s Old Town Neristan. Nera also offers meeting and event services.
Isokatu 28
Tel. +358 50 3100 287

Kitchen & Wine Room Roja
Our relaxed kitchen is filled with Mediterranean flavours. The Big Green Egg BBQs bring distinctive and delicious taste to the high quality ingredients. The menu includes tapas, grilled meat, fish and vegetables, and lovely desserts. In true Mediterranean style wines are a big part of the experience.
Isokatu 14
Tel. +358 50 5019 740

Summer Restaurant Mustakari
Mustakari is definitely one of Kokkola’s gems. It’s Finland’s 4th oldest yacht club and located by the sea 3km from the centre of Kokkola. Summer Restaurant Mustakari is known for serving natural, locally sourced ingredients. Our menu is brimming with local delicacies and organic food. The seaside restaurant is an excellent choice for an evening of a la carté dining.
Mustakarintie 20
Tel. +358 20 7808 940

Pedrina´s Tex Mex Restaurant
Plenty of flavorful Tex-Mex dishes for Finnish taste buds! Steaks, hamburgers, tortillas. You can also order meals to go. Our summer terrace is dog-friendly. Isokatu 2
Tel. +358 6 8314 755

Cafe-Restaurant Kulma
The café-restaurant Kulma is a cozy and tasty living room in the center of Kokkola, Mediakulma. Come and enjoy a relaxed breakfast, a tasty buffet lunch or Fresh salads bar. The café selection includes fresh buns and delicious cakes baked by us, and savory delicacies for the big and small hunger. See you in Kulma! Rantakatu 10
Tel. +358 40 631 3314
Facebook: KulmaKokkola

HalpaHalli´s Kitchen - HalpaHallin Keittiö
Trying to enjoy shopping or a holiday while your stomach is rumbling with hunger? Not to worry. HalpaHalli’s Kitchen offers delicious hamburgers, á la carte dishes, home-cooked lunches and pastries in a cosy, enjoyable setting. We are also open on weeknights and Sundays!
Tehtaankatu 1
Tel. +358 20 7182 561

Jukkola Cowshed´s attic
Jukkola’s Old Barnhouse is a café and event venue built in a renovated old cowhouse. The design is stylish and traditional. Venue available for private hire all year round. Meeting and catering services for groups. Kaj Stenvall Art Exhibition every weekday from 11th June to 9th Aug 2020. Summer Café open every day except Saturdays until end of August.
Jukkolanmäentie 27, Lohtaja
Tel. +358 440 880 403

Café Voudintupa (The Bailiff´s House - Kruununvoudintalo)
Traditional meeting and event venue in the centre of Kokkola. Ideal for both family occasions and business meetings as it has separate areas. Best for events of less than 50 people. Catering by Maa- ja kotitalousnaiset (Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation). Please phone to book. In summer 2020 Café Voudintupa is open 24th June–2nd Aug, Sat & Sun 12pm–4pm and Wed 2pm–6pm.
Kaarlelankatu 43
Tel. +358 40 196 4434
Facebook: kruununvoudintalo

Casual food with relaxed feeling and top service!  Amarillos texmex-kitchen brings you spicy and tasty meals. Besides good food and refreshing drinks we give you the best located terrace in town and relaxed bar life in the evenings. Karaokebar open Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm. During summer also on Wednesdays.
Kauppatori 4
Tel. +358 20 7088 930

Enjoy life and great food! Vastaranta offers a new twist to the traditional Finnish cuisine. It’s like having a dinner at a friend’s house - one that enjoys pampering you. At Vastaranta, everyday feels festive and the celebrations are just wonderful! Open September through May.
Kauppatori 4
Tel. +358 20 780 8950

A quiet and comfortable lunch restaurang next to the market place of Kokkola. Lunch is served Monday to Friday 11am–2.30pm. It also offers an exclusive setting for celebrations, meetings and other events.
Torikatu 27
Tel. +358 6 8312 387

Kokkolinna Teaching Restaurant
Across the street from the railway station housed in the magnificent Art Nouveau building. Lunch served Monday–Friday 11am–2.30pm. At other times, by appointment for meetings and banquets.
Isokatu 1
Tel. +358 40 8085 557, Café +358 40 8085 556

Calle Night Club
The Place to Be! The hottest nightclub in town serves you Friday and Saturday 11 pm to 4 am. Our staff and DJs with latest hits and bests from the past are here to entertain you. Our programme often includes also live music and theme nights. Kauppatori 4
Tel. +358 6 8266 521/ 505

We warmly invite you on a journey of tastes into Finnish and Italian cuisine. We offer you the fresh trends from Italy alongside Rosso’s most popular classics.
Isokatu 4
Tel. +358 20 7807 975

Burger Village
We love burgers and are proud to offer tasty, handmade burgers. Freshly baked bread, homemade sauces and Finnish high-quality beef. And of course we also have vegetarian and vegan options. We offer a social dining experience – order just for yourself or share the portion with friends. We are open all year round in the heart of Kokkola. In the summer we also serve from a food truck at Meripuisto. Hope to see you soon!
Meritie 7 & Tehtaankatu 2b

Rock´n Roll Diner
Restaurant inspired by the American restaurant world, the experience is crowned by the tasty food and authentic decor that ties everything together. Our employees shine with their personalities and welcome both families with children and rockers. Our dishes are made with Finnish ingredients that have been given an American twist that’s noticeable both in our steaks and burgers. The children we impress with our self-made meatballs and mashed potatoes. Restaurant Rock’n Roll Diner - Happy Days are here!
Rantakatu 9
Tel. +358 040 1534 335

Kesäravintola Wanha Elba
Wanha Elba is located right by the sea, only a step away from the city centre. Besides the banquet hall and sauna, the restaurant features four terraces, all with a beautiful view of the sea. Rain or shine, come and enjoy our delicious summer menu in the radiant seaside surroundings. We are open daily from 12am 30th May– 29th Aug 2020.
Sannanrannantie 58
Tel. +358 400 866 181

Waffle Cafe - Vohvelikahvila - Taideleipomo
The Waffle Café and Art Bakery are situated in the idyllic museum quarter in the former premises of Forsnabba bakery. Come and enjoy our delicious waffles and salads, hot and cold beverages and make great art finds.
Pitkänsillankatu 26
Tel. +358 40 8428 819

Restaurant Cafe Elba
Villa Elba arrange professionally different kind of celebrations and feasts, such as weddings, birthdays, maybe with different themed for children, family gatherings, seminars meetings etc. Elba’s restaurant also have A-license and serve Á la Carte portions.
Sannanrannantie 60
Tel. +358 50 329 4547

Wanha Kalahalli
The heart of the market square. Wanha Kalahalli has a modern maritime café-restaurant as well as Tourist Information and Bike Rental. At Kalahalli you can enjoy fresh ingredients, local specialties and seafood as the building used to be a fish market. During the winter, Kalahalli serves on request. You will find us at the corner of the Market Square.
Kauppatori 3
Tel. +358 40 8065 006
Facebook: RavintolaCoccolita

Restaurant Coccolita
Enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch at the popular restaurant at the City Hall! On weekdays, we offer a Nordic buffet and Wicked Rabbit vegetarian options. Our services also include refurbished conference facilities. Coccolita is located on the edge of the Market Square. There is plenty of parking nearby and the train station is only 5 minutes walking distance away. We are open weekdays 8am–3pm, other times on request. Welcome!
Kauppatori 5
Tel. +358 40 8065 006
Facebook: RavintolaCoccolita

Café Bryggan
The traditional Café Bryggan dock café is one of the most popular summer cafés in Kokkola. It provides a unique setting to enjoy coffee, refreshments and homebaked treats on a large, sunny terrace by the sea.
Öjantie 454, Öja
Tel. +358 6 8340 111, +358 6 8340 100, +358 40 3377 522

Café Tankar
A cosy café with large outdoor patio on the lighthouse island. Breakfast, soup lunch and sweet and salty snacks. The café has serving license. The café also serves as a base for the overnight guests as well as a guest harbor.
The lighthouse island of Tankar

Event and Meeting Centre Amor
Event & Meeting Centre Amor is by the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature. Easy access from the main highway. The perfect venue for family events, group dinners, company parties or business conferences. You can also book a traditional Finnish wood burning sauna, an outdoor hot tub, or an electric sauna with a big terrace. Summer Café opening hours on our web site.
Stora Kastkoivistontie 26
Tel. +358 44 2365 860

Café Con Affetto
Lovely café next to the Chydenius Park on Isokatu. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with homemade cakes and pastries. Or taste the famous sourdough bread baked in the café. Lunch from Monday to Friday. Catering services available. Isokatu 12
Facebook: cafeconaffetto

Café Stiina
Cold or warm lunch and savory snacks for small or big hunger. Cakes, pastries and all sorts of sweet delectables. Coffee, tea and other drinks. Gluten-free and other special diet options. Inviting summer terrace. Deliciousness Mon to Fri from 9am onwards. Opposite the library. Warm Welcome!
Tehtaankatu 8
Tel. +358 44 3118 525
Facebook: Cafe Stiina

Kokkola Golf´s Restaurant
Restaurant services in Kokkolan Golf´s ClubHouse.
Hepo-Ventuksentie 2
Tel. +358 6 823 8600

Pihlajan Pizzatalo ja Kahvila
Satamakatu 14
Tel. +358 44 979 2717

Kung´s Kitchen
Pitkänsillankatu 23
Tel. +3586 8220 122

Restaurang Sigrid´s
Rantakatu 7
Tel. +358 40 6326 007

ABC Kokkola Heinolankaari
Heinolankaari 2
Tel +358 20 7808 320

Hotel Kokkola (only for group reservations)
Rantakatu 14
Tel. +358 6 8241 000

Chinese restaurant Feeniks
Torikatu 40
Tel. +358 44 301 1078

Kokkolan Picante Oy
Rautatienkatu 10
Tel. +358 10 3223 670

Restaurant Sibel
Kesäniementie 1, Kälviä
Tel. +358 6 8310 404

Nauti hetkestä - nauti ruoasta

Nera Steak House
Nera Steak House

Roja Kitchen & Wine Room
Roja Kitchen & Wine Room

Kesäravintola Mustakari
Kesäravintola Mustakari
Pedrina´s Tex Mex Restaurant
Pedrina´s Tex Mex Restaurant


HalpaHallin Keittiö
HalpaHallin Keittiö
Jukkolanmäen Navetanvintti
Jukkolanmäen Navetanvintti


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