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Hearty food and good times! Our portions are spicy, tasty and large enough to satisfy any hunger. We offer the best Tex-Mex, relaxing partying at the bar and hilarious times as well as the sunniest terrace on the town square.
Kauppatori 4, Tel. +358 20 7088 930

Restaurant Kaarle
By booking only restaurant. Enquires from the Sales Service. Calle NightClub open Fri-Sat 11pm-4am.
Kauppatori 4, 
Tel. +358 6 8266 521/ 505

Hotel Nukkumatti
Rautatienkatu, Tel. +358 6 8243 200

A quiet and comfortable lunch and à la carte restaurant next to the marketplace in Kokkola. It offers an exclusive setting for celebrations, meetings and other events.
Torikatu 27, Tel. +358 6 8312 387

Opetusravintola Kokkolinna
Kokkolinna is located across the street from the railway station in Kokkola. Kokkolinna is a lunch and à la carte restaurant. Arrange weddings and other celebrations in this wonderful Art Nouveau building from 1908.
Isokatu 1
Tel. +358 40 8085 557, Café +358 40 8085 556

Nera - Scandinavian Steak House
Nera is a restaurant est. summer 2018, in an old glazier´s loghouse, dating back 180 years. The restaurant located in the Neristan area, in Kokkola´s old town.
Isokatu 28
Tel. +358 50 3100 287

Pedrina´s Tex Mex Restaurant
Tasty Tex-Mex dishes. Our restaurant has a summer terrace and it is fully licensed. You may also order your meals to go.
Isokatu 2
Tel. +358 6 8314 755

We warmly invite you on a journey of tastes into Finnish and Italian cuisine. We offer you the fresh trends from Italy alongside Rosso’s most popular classics.
Isokatu 4
Tel. +358 20 7807 975

Kitchen & Wine Room Roja
Isokatu 14, Tel. +358 50 5019 740

Restaurang Sigrid´s
Rantakatu 7, Tel. +358 40 6326 007

Rock´n Roll Diner
Rantakatu 9, Tel. +358 040 1534 335

Kesäravintola Wanha Elba
Our restaurant is known for its generous and tasty portions. A sunny beach terrace. Our restaurant is fully licensed. It is also the home port of the yacht club Kokkolan purjehtijat.
Sannanrannantie 58
Tel. +358 400 866 181

Kesäravintola Mustakari
Mustakari is the home of the third largest yacht club in Finland and it is a wonderful place for a summer restaurant. Because of our highquality seafood menu and great customer service, a growing number of summer visitors have fallen in love with the restaurant’s atmosphere.
Tel. +358 20 7808 940

Merikaffila - Festival Hall Amor
Merikaffila is located in Festival Hall Amor and the restaurant is open during the summer time.
Stora Kastkoivistontie 26
p. 044-2365860, e-mail:

Pihlajan Pizzatalo ja Kahvila
Satamakatu 14
Tel. +358 44 979 2717

Halpa-Hallin Keittiö

Don’t worry if you get hungry during your shopping or when traveling. Halpa-Hallin Keittiö has everything you need from delicious home cooked lunches to hamburger meals and à la carte as well as pastries and coffee. Our kitchen is also open during weekday evenings.
Tehtaankatu 1
Tel. +358 20 7182 561

Jukkola Cowshed´s attic
Stunning rural milieu, an atmospheric cowshed´s attic, the scent of delicious food, laughter and happy chatter, entertaining music and a warm, dusky evening in August. Over 300 m2 of rural romantic banquet rooms for rent in Lohtaja. Less than a half an hour’s drive from Kokkola. Weddings, birthdays, concerts and
corporate events. The atmospheric cowshed-cafe is open by appointment, also for groups.
Jukkolanmäentie 27, Lohtaja, Tel. +358 440 880 403

Restaurant Cafe Elba  (needs reservation)
Check our daily menu before arrival, groups: reservation in advance needed
Sannanrannantie 60, Tel. +358 6 8313 400

Cafe-Restaurant Kulma
Longing for a refreshing break from shopping? Looking for an easy place for dates? Maybe a glass of fizz? Come to Kulma! Our café-restaurant has a splendid
location in Mediakulma at the end of the pedestrian zone. Delicacies for small or big temptations. Welcome!
Rantakatu 10
Tel. +358 40 631 3314

Restaurant Coccolita
Restaurant Coccolita, located by the market square, offers also meeting facilities. Plenty of parking space. Good premises for meetings and conferences as well
as for family parties and business events. Our lunch restaurant proudly presents a varied menu.
The townhall of Kokkola, Market Place 5
Tel. +358 6 8318 011

Gastro Kettu
Gastro Kettu offers restaurant services in Kokkolan Golf´s ClubHouse.
Hepo-Ventuksentie 2, Tel. +358 50 502 1065

Kung´s Kitchen
Pitkänsillankatu 23
Tel. +3586 8220 122

ABC Kokkola Heinolankaari
Heinolankaari 2
Tel +358 20 7808 320

Hotel Kokkola (only for groups needs reservation)
Rantakatu 14
Tel. +358 6 8241 000

Restaurant Meri Pasaati
Sahakatu 9, Tel. 010 3226 822

Chinese restaurant Feeniks
Torikatu 40
Tel. +358 44 301 1078
Restaurant/Cafe Naurava Kokki
Kallentori Shopping Center
Tel. +358 10 3222 070

Kokkolan Picante Oy
Rautatienkatu 10, Tel. +358 10 3223 670

Restaurant Sibel
Kesäniementie 1, Kälviä, Tel. +358 6 8310 404

Take a moment - Enjoy your meal!
Take a moment - Enjoy your meal!

Restaurant Sällskapsklubben
Restaurant Sällskapsklubben

Restaurant Kokkolinna
Restaurant Kokkolinna

Wanha Lyhty & Kellari
Wanha Lyhty & Kellari

Pedrina´s Tex Mex Restaurant
Pedrina´s Tex Mex Restaurant

Restaurant Rosso
Restaurant Rosso

Restaurant Wanha Elba
Restaurant Wanha Elba

Summer Restaurant Mustakari
Summer Restaurant Mustakari

ABC Kokkola Heinolankaari
ABC Kokkola Heinolankaari


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