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For safety reasons and the customer satisfaction organizer gives some special details as follows.

1 Own fireworks and beverages are forbidden on all three Festival Areas. 

2 The Festival Area is open without any fences.

3 Umbrellas are not recommended. There is no sale of disposable raincoats.

4 Laserpointers, bottles, cans, fire- or other arms are forbidden.

5 The use of camera, video or any recording equipment is forbidden. Organizer expects the audience to follow the instructions given by the artists and organizer.

6 A loud sound effects and noise will exist on the Area. Therefore organizer suggests the use of  earplugs. No earplug sale at the gates.

7 Light effects and pyrotechnics are been used on the stage. This use might concern symptoms to some person. Organizer hopes that the person takes into consideration this matter.

8 Festival Area Kauppatori "Market Place" will be open for pedestrians. Our Maintenance area will be closed.

The organizer will limit the use of driveways during the time of Thu 29th Aug - Sun 1st Sep.

Closed driveways:


Thu 29th Aug at 10pm - Sun 1st Sep at 5pm

Torikatu ((between Kaarlelankatu - Kauppatori)
Fri 30th Aug at 12am - 12pm and Sat 31st Aug at

Vaatturinkatu (between Kaarlelankatu - Kauppatori)
Fri 30th Aug at 12am - 12pm and Sat 31st Aug at

Parking Area is locating next to the Town Hall. Entrance to the Parking Area is from Virkakuja Street.

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