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It is the duty of the city to foster environmental protection efforts so that by protecting, maintaining and developing the local nature and environment we can secure a healthy, inviting, inspiring and ecologically sustainable living environment for the local residents.

The customers of the environmental services include businesses as well as residents of the municipality. The tasks related to environmental monitoring are based on Finnish laws, such as the Environmental Protection Act, the Waste Act, the Water Act and the Land Extraction Act. Environmental legislation is complemented with the municipal environmental protection regulations of the City of Kokkola. These are municipal statutes adopted by the City Council, aimed at preventing the contamination of the environment.

In Kokkola, the municipal environmental protection authority is the building and environmental protection committee, under which the environmental services carry out preparation, monitoring and implementation tasks and decision-making duties delegated to municipal officeholders.

Please contact the environmental services in case of, for example, permit applications, environmental damages, illegal landfills, noise hazards from events or worksites, smoke or dust nuisance, or exemptions from water drainage or water management duties.

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