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Two adults and three children borrow books. A library clerk sits behind a desk.


The city of Kokkola offers library services at the Kokkola City Library, the Library bus and at five branch libraries in Koivuhaka, Kälviä, Lohtaja, Ullava and Rahkonen.

Photographer: Tomi Hirvinen

The E-library

In the E-library, e-books, audiobooks and digital magazines are available in one app. The E-library will contain e-books and audiobooks in Finnish, Swedish and English, and also Finnish magazines. Some materials are also available in other languages by July.

Useful information about the E-library

The E-library is so far only available by downloading the app on your phone or tablet.

Using the E-library app for the first time requires strong authentication. After that, the app does not require a separate login.

The customer’s right to use the E-library depends on whether their municipality of residence has joined the E-library. If your municipality of residence according to the Finnish Population Information System has not joined the E-library, you cannot use the E-library services. All Anders municipalities have joined the E-library.

More information is available at