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Two adults and three children borrow books. A library clerk sits behind a desk.


The city of Kokkola offers library services at the Kokkola City Library, the Library bus and at five branch libraries in Koivuhaka, Kälviä, Lohtaja, Ullava and Rahkonen.

Photographer: Tomi Hirvinen

The E-library, which is a shared service for municipalities, will open on April 29, 2024

In the E-library, e-books, audiobooks and digital magazines are available in one app. The E-library will contain e-books and audiobooks in Finnish, Swedish and English, and also Finnish magazines. Some materials are also available in other languages.

Changes to Anders-libraries’ existing e-resources


  • ePress remote magazines (also Keskipohjanmaa and ÖT) are available until May 31, 2024.
  • There will be no changes to the use of ePress newspapers read in libraries.
  • There will be no changes to the use of PressReader.

E-books and audiobooks:

  • Ellibs will be in use until June 20, 2024. No new material has been acquired since January.
  • Biblio will be in use until May 31, 2024.

Movie services:

  • There will be no changes to the use of the Cineast movie service.


  • There will be no changes to the use of Naxos Music Library.

Useful information about the E-library

The E-library is so far only available by downloading the app on your phone or tablet. The app will be available in the App stores as of April 29, 2024.

Using the E-library app for the first time requires strong authentication. After that, the app does not require a separate login.

The customer’s right to use the E-library depends on whether their municipality of residence has joined the E-library. If your municipality of residence according to the Finnish Population Information System has not joined the E-library, you cannot use the E-library services. All Anders municipalities have joined the E-library.

More information is available at