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Kokkola Region College

Kokkola Region College (Kokkolan seudun opisto – Karlebynejdens institut) is a bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) adult education centre owned and maintained by the city of Kokkola.

Since we are a non-formal adult education centre we are open to anyone and require no prior qualifications.
At the college you can for example study information technology, music, physical education, dance, art, handicrafts, cookery and first aid.
You can also study various languages, such as Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
It is also recommended to check the courses from the college’s online service.


You need to register one week before the course begins at the latest. You can do that in two different ways:

  • at Opistotalo, Vaasantie 7 to fill in a registration form
  • online