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Kokkola adult education center

Our office – Kokkola adult education center

Main Building in Vaasantie 7, 67100 Kokkola
Office is open during the term on Monday – Thursday 9.00 -11.30
and starting from 8.1.2024  17.00-20.00 (5-8 PM),
other times may be requested at the office if needed
Phone: 06 8289 777

Kokkola adult education center  (Kokkolan seudun opisto – Karlebynejdens institut) is a bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) adult education centre owned and maintained by the city of Kokkola. The governing board is the board of education of the city of Kokkola.

Since we are a non-formal adult education centre we are open to anyone and require no prior qualifications.
At the college you can for example study information technology, music, physical education, dance, art, handicrafts, cookery and first aid.
You can also study various languages, such as Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
It is also recommended to check the courses from the college’s online service.


On courses market with * , you can also get personal guidance in English

The principles of our function

We want to promote the well-being and education of people in our area. We give possibilities for lifelong learning, open society and multicultural values, and we support sustainable development. We try to be a low threshold education center and see the joy of learning and creativity in everybody’s life. Traditions as well as current topics in society are important for us when planning for the future.


You need to register one week before the course begins at the latest. You can do that in two different ways:

  • at Opistotalo, Vaasantie 7 to fill in a registration form
  • online
  • You need to register on the courses in advance – this is how you help us in starting the courses. Remember that changes in our course programme are possible.


    GO to our webpage:
    CHOOSE the course (it is easiest to use the course number)
    CLICK on ADD TO CART – then you have the course on your shopping basket
    CLICK on the shopping basket and fill in your personal data
    ACCEPT the terms of registration


    We have protected Internet connections in use.
    Please be precise when writing your phone number and email address. We may contact you using this information.
    If the person who wants to register on our course is under 18, we need the information of the custodian, too.
    If you are a KAIKU Card user, please register on the course, and show up on our office with your card to validate the registration before the course starts.
    Your registration is binding.
    The invoice of the course will be sent to the address you gave.

    If you want to pay the course on the Internet, remember that it is possible only if you have given us your email address.
    If you are a student, DO NOT pay on the Internet. You will get the 50% reduction on the course fee if you give the student information during the registration and then wait for the invoice.
    If you want to pay the Physical Education , Dance or Wellbeing courses by ePassi or by Smartum, please contact our office.
    The course fee will be returned if the course must be cancelled.
    If you want to pay on the net, choose PROCEED TO PAYMENT on the registration page. You will be then transferred to choose the bank webpages .

  • When you register, you consent to paying the course fee. The fee must be paid if you do not cancel the registration before the course starts. The fee varies from course to course and it can be seen with other course information on our webpage and on our brochures. If you do not use the Internet payment method, the invoice for the course will be sent to the address you gave.

    Please use the reference number on the invoice, so that the payment can be traced to the right person and the right course.

    •  If the course must be cancelled by us, we try to suggest another course if possible.
    •  We will return the paid fees after the cancellation, if you give our office your bank account number and other relevant data.
    •  If you cancel your attendance after the course has started, the course fee will not be returned.
    •  The students will be responsible for themselves to buy or get the course materials and necessary textbooks etc for the course.
    • All register cancellations must be done at least 2 weekdays before the course starts or before the last registration day,  if such day has been given. If you cancel the course later, you need to pay half the course fee. The course has not been cancelled if you neglect the payment or only inform the teacher. If you neglect the proper cancellation, the course fee must be paid in full.


    Students with student cards will get 50% reduction on course fees. This reduction cannot be obtained when using Internet payment method.

    Finnish Government supports the reduction of course fees for the unemployed, retired people and immigrants. Some of the courses in Kokkola Adult Education Center have therefore a reduced price for the course fees. This information is given in the corse description. These reduced price courses cannot be paid on the Internet.


    Benefits for the Physical Education and culture courses are given by the employer and for individual use only. You can make only personal payments with these.

    We accept ePassi or Smartum only for the Physical Education, Dance or for Wellbeing courses. If you want to pay by ePassi or by Smartum, please contact our office, either by phone or by visiting our office before the course starts. Using these methods of payment are not possible after the couse payment has been sent to you, so please contact the office in due time.

    If the course has been paid by ePassi or by Smartum, the course fee cannot be returned.

    The course must be fully paid by ePassi or by Smartum and no change will be given back.

    Office opening hours in Vaasantie 7
    Monday -Thursday 9.00 -11.30 and 17.00 -20.00
    Phone 06 8289 777


    If you are given a Kaiku Card, you will be able to join a single course of your choice per year, without a course fee. Register for the course and please show us the card at our office before the course starts. More information: 

  • Your cancellation of registration must be done at least two days before the course starts. To cancel the course on the net, you will need the course number and your registration ID. Ignoring the course fee or contacting the teacher are NOT the ways to cancel the registration. Failing to cancel the registration means that you will have to pay for the full course fee. 

Good to know

  • Students need to take care of their own insurances for the possible accidents or the injuries during the courses.

  • New courses and other information can be seen online.

    We are also on Facebook and Instagram. Students will be informed about their courses by using email and /or text messages

  • Every course information contains the dates for the starting and ending of the course. When schools usually have holidays we normally do not have any courses either.  Autumn holiday is in the week 42. Winter holiday is in the week 9.