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Näkymä Kokkolasalista
Kokkolan kaupunki

City hall

The Kokkola city hall is located north of the market square, right on the shore of the Sunti waterway. The construction of the city hall began in September 1978, and the building was completed in May 1980. The basic idea was to bring the city departments and offices that were operating in 18 different facilities under the same roof.

The main designer of the building was the architect office Castrén–Jauhiainen–Nuuttila Architects. The city hall was primarily built of prefabricated elements. The facades are structured concrete elements made of white cement.

When the city hall was completed, the total surface area of the building was 10,800 m², of which office spaces covered approximately 3,700 m². The gross volume of the building was 45,800 m³.

In 2002, Kokkola Hall and Gamlakarleby foyer with the surrounding conference rooms were built. The restaurant was also extended at the same time.

The Kokkola city hall was renovated gradually in 2014–2020. The renovation work was completed in February 2020. At present, the city hall’s total surface area is 11,800 m² and volume 48,000 m³.

After the renovation, the customer services desk, the exhibition spaces and the conference rooms available also to outsiders are all now located on the ground floor. The other two floors are reserved for city employees and have been converted into multi-space offices.

The city has permanent office spaces for over 250 employees and for many city employees who only stay in the building temporarily or occasionally.

The architectural and principal designs as well as the electrical designs for the renovation project were made by city employees.

Conference facilities and services

More information on the conference, congress and seminar options in Kokkola is provided by the Congress Kokkola service of Kokkola Tourism Ltd.