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Urban planning

The urban planning services carry out the land-use planning duties provided in the Land Use and Building Act, prepare the related statements and decisions, and plan the cityscape of public areas. Moreover, urban planning includes the process of urban traffic planning, planning of infrastructure engineering, and the planning and developing of public transport connections.

The most significant planning tasks are the drafting of local detailed plans and general master plans. A local detailed plan is a detailed description of what – and on what principles – will be built in a particular area and how the area will otherwise be used. Master plans define the broader development principles for land use.

The geographic information unit, which is in charge of the geographic information systems in Kokkola, operates as a separate service unit under the urban planning services.

In terms of public transport, the urban transport system covers the entire suburban area with its peripheral zones. The public transport services are complemented by service transport lines operated with lighter equipment.

Further information: Director of Urban Planning Jouni Laitinen, tel. +358 (0)44 7809 360

  • The Land Use and Building Act obligates municipalities to draw up a planning review at least once a year. The planning review contains a summary of the land use planning and zoning projects in the City of Kokkola. The planning review highlights the current and soon-to-be pending town planning issues with greater than minor significance.

  • Local detailed planning is based on the Land Use and Building Act. A local detailed plan is a detailed description of what – and on what principles – will be built in a particular area and how the area will otherwise be used.

  • The general master plan indicates the general principles of land use in the municipality. It is aimed at guiding and coordinating the location of different societal functions such as housing, services, jobs and recreational areas. The master plan steers the drawing up of local detailed plans.

  • Urban planning plays an essential part in the separate city development projects, the currently active ones being the development of the rail yard area and its surroundings, development of the sports park, the national city park and the Kokkola Industrial Park.

  • Traffic planning is part of land use planning, which includes the planning of vehicle traffic networks, city streets, the public transport grid and the network of sidewalks and cycleways.

  • Urban planning involves the planning of the construction of city streets and public areas. The plans are drawn up in accordance with the annual budget.

  • Matters concerning names are handled by the nomenclature committee, which is a committee appointed by the City Board for issues related to the names of the streets, neighbourhoods and housing areas in Kokkola.

  • The purpose of green area planning is to design and plan parks, playgrounds, yard areas of city properties and other green areas. Green area planning also covers landscape architecture and the development of the green area system.

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