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Kolikoiden keskeltä kasvaa taimi, jota kastellaan kastelukannulla.


The City Council adopts the municipal budget which confirms the appropriations and income assessments for the different service areas, or the net funds used to provide citizens with basic services. The budget determines the key objectives of the city operations and economy.

The committees and management boards submit their budget proposals in September. The City Board processes the budget in October and the City Council confirms it every year in November.

A report on the achievement of the set goals is submitted to the City Council, City Board and auditing committee twice per accounting period, along with the budget forecast.

The first report describes the situation at the end of April and the second at the end of August.

A budget execution report for the whole year is submitted in connection with the financial accounts. The accounting period for municipalities is the calendar year. Financial accounts are prepared for each accounting period by the end of March in the following year. The City Council must consider the financial accounts before the end of June.

In the City of Kokkola, the financial accounts shall comprise a balance sheet, income statement and the appended notes, and a budget review, a report on operations and a city group balance sheet.

Tax information

The City of Kokkola collects taxes and fees to provide services for the local residents. The tax income of the City of Kokkola consist of municipal income taxes, corporate taxes and real estate taxes.

The municipal income tax means income taxes paid to the municipality. The tax percentage is set annually by the municipality. Real estate tax means taxes paid annually to the city based on the value of the property. The income of communities is subject to a proportionate tax known as corporate tax, which is divided between the state, municipalities and parishes.

In 2024, the municipal income tax percentage is 8.90.

In 2024, the real estate tax rates in Kokkola are:

  • Real estate tax rate for permanent residential buildings: 0.60 %
  • For other than permanent residential buildings: 1.10 %
  • General real estate tax rate: 1.30 %
  • Real estate tax rate for non-profit institutions: 0.0 %
  • Real estate tax rate for power plants: 3.10 %
  • Real estate tax rate for unbuilt construction areas: 6.00 %

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