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Uimavalvoja uimahallin altaan äärellä

City as employer

The City of Kokkola is a multidimensional organisation that employs approximately 2,300 professionals from different fields. Together, we develop the local services, strengthen the vitality of Kokkola and ensure that the everyday life of the locals flows smoothly.

Our personnel consists of a wide group of experts from different fields. In total, they hold over 300 different professional titles, the most common of which are the following:

  • Childcarer in early childhood education and care
  • Class teacher
  • Teacher in early childhood education and care
  • Teaching assistant
  • Basic education lecturer
  • Cleaner

The largest service area in the city organisation is the educational and cultural services, the second largest is the urban technical services, and the third is the central administration and services.


  • We advertise open positions in the online service, where you can also submit open job applications.In addition to vacancies, we also offer temporary substitute posts and internships. All open substitute positions are also published in the KuntaRekry service.

  • All open substitute positions are also published in the KuntaRekry service. Each service area has a separate recruitment process for substitute workers. Substitutes are most often needed in the education services, early childhood education services and cleaning and food services. Substitute positions are a great way to strengthen your professional skills and gain more work experience.

  • If you are interested in an internship, please contact the relevant service area directly.

  • Every year, we employ approximately 250 young persons for the summer. The summer jobs are primarily offered to young people who have not been previously employed by the city. The jobs consist mostly of ancillary duties.

    The purpose of summer employment is to familiarise the youth with the working life and different occupations, provide them with experience of paid work, help them with their career choices and, later on, facilitate the transfer to working life.

    Our summer jobs can be applied for through the KuntaRekry service every year in January–February.