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As of January 1, 2023, the City of Kokkola is responsible for the resettlement of quota refugees and of the initial integration steps. The City of Kokkola integration services offer support and guidance to beneficiaries of international protection or a positive decision on their asylum application.

Target group:

  • quota refugees
  • asylum seekers assigned to a municipality
  • beneficiaries of temporary protection who are assigned to a municipality
  • persons who have moved from other parts of Finland and whose integration period is still valid.

Integration services support clients with using various services. The aim is to strengthen the client’s ability to act and to increase their understanding and knowledge of Finnish society.

At the integration services, we work extensively with various networks with which we develop services for immigrants.

A responsible integration coordinator and an integration counsellor works at the integration services.


This page was last updated on January 26th 2024.