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Isä kantaa lasta olkapäillään syksyisessä maisemassa.


In case of an emergency, call the emergency number 112. The emergency response centre should only be contacted in situations where a person’s life or property or the environment are in danger.

In Kokkola, social welfare and healthcare services are provided by the Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority of Social and Health Services Soite. If you feel you need treatment for an injury or a sudden illness within 24 hours, call this number: 116 117.


Public order and safety

The Public Order Act is aimed at maintaining public order and security. In the Kokkola region, order and security in public areas is the responsibility of the Ostrobothnia Police Department.

The rescue department is responsible for the prevention of fires and other accidents, for the provision of rescue services and for civil defence duties. The Central Ostrobothnia and Pietarsaari Area Rescue Department is in charge of rescue services and oil spill control in several municipalities.

In Finland, the Finnish Boarder Guard is the leading search and rescue authority at sea, but maritime rescue operations are performed by all authorities that operate at sea or on the coast, as well as commercial seafarers and voluntary organisations. The Finnish police monitors water traffic on inland waters and on coastal areas near ports.

People have the right to spend time and move in public areas without fear. Public areas include, for example, streets, parks, sports fields, cemeteries, public buildings, transport vehicles, city agencies and restaurants.

The police are in charge of maintaining order and security in public areas by, for example, patrolling in the area and answering urgent emergency calls. Moreover, the police forces strive to prevent crimes and public disturbances in collaboration with the local residents, different authorities and communities.