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Marketing and communication

The City of Kokkola uses communication to promote the inclusion and well-being of the local residents, to improve the quality of city services and boost the efficiency of its operations. The city strives to promote the vitality and attractiveness of the area through its communication and marketing efforts.

The City of Kokkola distributes information about its activities, services, decision-making and participatory opportunities available to the residents in an active, updated and interactive manner on different channels.

Communication responsibilities

Tasks related to communication are decentralised in the city organisation. As a rule, each specialist is in charge of communications related to their own duties.

The City Board leads and supervises the communication and marketing activities of the city. The overall responsibility for the city’s communication and marketing efforts lies with the mayor.

The communication and marketing efforts of the entire city organisation are coordinated by the marketing and communications team of the business and city development services.

The heads of service areas and public utilities are responsible for communication in their own area and in the related service entities and for making sure that they comply with the general guidelines and procedures issued by the city.

Communication channels

The City of Kokkola uses many different communication channels and methods. The communication channels used by the city include, among others:

  • Website
  • Social media channels
  • City bulletins
  • Announcements and notifications
  • Resident events
  • Brochures and publications

Marketing and communications team