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Education and training

Diverse paths for growth and learning from early childhood education to higher education.

  • Early childhood education

    Every child has the right to early childhood education and care and pre-primary education.

  • Joukko lapsia kokoontuneena piiriin
    Pre-primary education

    Preschool-aged children, meaning six-year-olds, attend free pre-primary education organised by the municipality.

  • Basic education

    Kokkola has 27 basic education schools, of which 22 operate in Finnish and 5 in Swedish.

  • A girl is standing and reading in front of a bookshelf.
    General upper secondary education

    Kokkola has a Finnish-speaking upper secondary school, a Swedish-speaking upper secondary school and a Finnish-speaking upper secondary school for adults.

  • Kokkola adult education center

    Kokkola Region College is a bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) adult education centre owned and maintained by the city of Kokkola.

  • Vocational education and training

    The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia organises vocational education and training in Kokkola.

  • Higher education

    The higher education institutions in Kokkola produce experts for a variety of different fields.

  • Art education

    Basic education in the arts & vocational and recreational art education in Kokkola

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