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City of Kokkola

Kokkola was founded in 1620. It is a city of almost 48,000 inhabitants, located in the middle of Finland, on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.

  • Information about Kokkola

    On 7 September 1620, the Swedish king Gustav Adolf II signed a document transforming the small Ristiranta village, known for fishing and farming, into a town…

  • Kaupungintalon asiakaspalvelupiste
    Customer service and advisory services

    The customer service is responsible for providing information and guidance in matters concerning the city services and activities.

  • Radio on the kitchen table

    People have the right to spend time and move in public areas without fear.

  • Marketing and communication

    The City of Kokkola uses communication to promote the inclusion and well-being of the local residents, to improve the quality of city services and boost the…

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    Data protection

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  • Ilmakuva Meritullin alueesta vuodelta 2018

    With Kokkola’s internet map service, you can quickly find the addresses you are looking for as well as a wide range of different services.

  • Näkymä Kokkolasalista
    Facilities of the City of Kokkola

    The Kokkola city hall is located north of the market square, right on the shore of the Sunti waterway.

  • A woman and a man in the rain, dark clouds in the background. A woman in a yellow raincoat is smiling.
    Down a degree – Kokkola

    Lokakuussa alkavassa Astetta alemmas -kampanjassa kannustetaan jokaista suomalaista energiansäästötekoja.

  • How to prepare for a power cut?

    What to do when the power goes out?

  • Integration

    As of January 1, 2023, the City of Kokkola is responsible for the resettlement of quota refugees and of the initial integration steps. The City of Kokkola…

  • Ukraine

    We have gathered information and advice on our website to help Ukrainians in Kokkola