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Kypäräpäiset rakentajat tutkivat piirrustuksia

Plots and construction

For many years, the City of Kokkola has been able to offer reasonably priced plots all over the city for housing purposes and business use and to lease areas for different temporary purposes. The city hands over plots to professional constructors and developers to build single-family houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and small apartment buildings all over the city in accordance with the current plot situation.

The urban areas unit of the City of Kokkola is in charge of the statutory real estate formation tasks for areas covered by a local detailed plan, including plot parcelling, parcelling of public areas and easement surveys. Other cadastral procedures include demarcation and land exchange. Apply for the procedures in writing with the cadastral surveyor.

You can order different official map products from the urban areas unit, such as extracts of local detailed plans, base map extracts, building permit maps needed for construction projects, map packages for sales purposes, and extracts and certificates available from the property information system of the National Land Survey of Finland. All map products are subject to a fee.

In addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities, the urban areas unit also maintains the address register of the city. The property owner and the relevant operators and authorities are always notified of changes in address nomenclature and numbering.