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Welcome to the cultural services of the City of Kokkola! Here you can find information about the cultural services and the vast variety of events available in Kokkola. You can also explore the opportunities the city offers for civic activities in the cultural sector. On this website, you can find the contact information of different organisations that clubs that are operating actively in the city.

  • eyes of a smiling little girl
    Culture for everyone

    Together with other local operators, the City of Kokkola organises versatile cultural events and activities for the locals and visitors alike. The cultural…

  • Vesiurut

    Kokkola offers live music events and concerts to suit all tastes. The Kokkola Winter Accordion festival fills the city with versatile musical experiences every…

  • Cultural services

    Kokkola offers a wide range of top-quality experiences in music, visual arts, verbal arts and dramatic art. In its capacity as the musical capital of the…

  • a child hands in finger paints
    Art education

    Art education for children in Kokkola is available in the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, the Kokkola Art School for Children and Youth and the Central…

  • Cultural hobbies

    Associations in Kokkola provide the locals with versatile opportunities to engage in cultural hobbies. The eViljo service, maintained by the Regional Council of…

  • Joukko keskiaikaiseen asuun pukeutuneita ihmisiä ja hevosia astelee kohti
    More information

    You can get further information about the cultural services in Kokkola from the city’s cultural services office.

  • Soittajia viulut ja basso kädessä
    Snellman Hall

    Numerous concerts and cultural experiences in Snellman Hall.