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Värikäs keramiikka-astia.

School of Fine Arts and customer service

Kokkola School of Fine Arts for Children and Young People provides children and young people aged 6–19 in Kokkola with goal-oriented art education that progresses from one level to another. Teaching is provided in Finnish and Swedish. Approximately 400 children study in basic education in fine arts. In addition, the school offers open art courses for children and young people every year at the School of Fine Arts and Kälviä.

In the teaching of the School of Fine Arts, students are guided towards creativity and the joy of doing things, and we try to build a strong foundation for the students’ relationship with art. Students are encouraged to express themselves as well as to observe visual culture accurately.

The school educates students for lifelong artistic pursuits as both artists and experiencers. The teaching also prepares students to apply for vocational and higher education in the visual arts and other visual arts.

The school’s teaching complies with the broad curriculum of basic education in the visual arts and it is based on laws and regulations (Act on Basic Education in the Arts 633/1998 and Regulations and Guidelines 2017:12a)

  • The office of the School of Fine Arts is located on the 1st floor of the stone part of Art House Renlund. The address is Kansakoulukatu 6b.

    Service Secretary Aune-Maarit Saukko 040 806 5167

    • Mon-Thu 9.00-11.30 and 12.30-15.00

    Principal Aija Isosaari 044 780 9526

    Evening warden Juho Klapuri 040 806 5384

    • present Mon-Thu about 15.00-20.30

    Office email:

  • Full-time art teachers

    Pokela Heidi, tel. 044 780 9523 or e-mail heidi.e.pokela(at)
    Turtiainen Kristiina, tel. 040 805 0825 or e-mail kristiina.turtiainen(at)

    Hourly teachers 2023-2024

    Granholm Tiina (Basic education and drawing-paintingg) tel. 040 185 5507 or e-mail tiina.granholm(at)
    Jylhä Irma (Basic education, ceramics), tel. 040 806 5327 or e-mail irma.jylha(at)

    Breilin Reetta (photography)
    Hallantie Kristiina (art courses in Kälviä)
    Klapuri Juho (animation, comics)
    Laukka Anni (graphics)
    Nurmivaara Emilia (animation, comics, photography)
    Palosaari Auli (Basic education)
    Pohjonen Merja (ceramics)
    Rauma Riina (graphics)
    Tornikoski Riina (Basic education)
    Tyynismaa-Joukosalmi Marika (Basic education)

  • Kokkola School of Fine Arts for Children and Young People was founded in 1982. The school was founded by Ritva Kangas, who served as the principal until 2011. The activities began as visual arts clubs in the basement classroom of the Mäntykangas school. For twenty years, the school toured in different parts of the city. Since 2007, the operations have been established in the stone part of Art House Renlund.

  • The School of Fine Arts operates in the stone part of Art House Renlund on Kansakoulukatu. Upstairs there are three multipurpose classes and a textile teaching class at the Mäntykangas school.

    In addition, the school has exhibition spaces, a painting hall and separate rooms for teaching ceramics and graphics. It is possible to rent a graphics workshop for private use.

    More information about renting premises (website in Finnish).