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Naiset istuvat Davidsbergin kalliolla ja juttelevat. Kuva on otettu virtuaaliopasteiden kuvauksissa. Kuvan näyttelijät ovat Kokkolan matkailuoppaita.

Bring the history of Kokkola to live

Kokkola Maritime History

Take the peek at Kokkola`s past with augmented reality. History´s moments are introduced to you by Kokkola´s city residents, local dignitaries, and King Gustav II Adolf himself!

The tour starts at the market square and runs along the shores of Sunti.

  1. Open your mobile device or separate QR code scanner and point it atthe QR code.
  2. Approve cookies.
  3. Open the link and delve into moments of Kokkola history!


Land uplift phenomenon

The phenomenon of land uplift has always had significant influence on the interaction between the sea and the land in Kokkola. Its effects can be seen at the park’s nature sites in many ways. The flads and gloes, ancient cobble fields, woodlands and shorelines of the high coast show signs of a constant state of flux.

The tour starts at the Punakallio and runs along the Trullevi Nature trail.

  1. Open your mobile device or a separate QR code scanner and point it at the QR code.
  2. Start Zappar.
  3. Approve cookies and use of the camera.
  4. Point the camera at the picture of the sign and embark on an adventure with Kola the Seal Pup and Kokko the Gull!