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Pair of Common kingfishers at riverbank in Veikko Salkio´s Natural History Collection.

Kieppi, Kokkola Museum of Natural History

Natural History Collection, Mineral Collection and Lepidoptera Collection full of miracles of nature.

  • Tawny owl peeking from it´s tree hollow in Veikko Salkio´s Natural History Collection.
    Natural History Collection

    Veikko Salkio´s (1912–2006) Natural History Collection is a nationally valuable natural science collection, consisting about 2,500 specimen.

  • Mineral specimens in a showcase in Viljo Nissinen´s Mineral Collection.
    Mineral Collection

    Viljo Nissinen´s (1914–2000) Mineral Collection consists of over 1,500 mineral specimen from all over the world, among many rarities.

  • Sphinx moths in display box in Armas Järvelä’s Lepidoptera Collection.
    Lepidoptera Collection

    Armas Järvelä´s (1918–2002) Lepidoptera Collection includes over 21,000 specimens. Most of them are from Finland.

  • A boy is watching the Bird Nest –installation by Marjut Järvimies in Kieppi in 2015.
    Opening hours and arrival

    Kieppi is located in the Museum Quarter, in the centre of Kokkola. Museum has free admission year-round.

  • The owl flaps its wings.
    Temporary exhibitions

    Through temporary exhibitions, we explore topical themes and interesting natural phenomena.

  • A child is examining trilobite fossil with a microscope.
    Guided tours and workshops

    For groups we organize guided tours and workshops, diving into the wonders of nature by using tools such as environmental education, science and art.

  • Veikko Salkio is holding a sign of Strict Nature Reserve of Pummanki in the front of Kieppi in the beginning of 2000's.
    About the museum

    Salkio´s Natural History Collection opened in 1982. Kieppi continues the work of its founder by promoting nature conservation and environmental education.