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Kuvassa liikuntasali

School sports halls

Training slots in the Kokkola school halls are available free of charge for children’s (under 18) activities organised by different clubs and associations, and for the sports activities organised by associations of people with physical disabilities. Using the halls for competitions, games, tournaments and other events is subject to a fee.

Reservations for other school facilities (classrooms, auditoriums etc.) are made directly with the school in question.

School halls, Kokkola

  • Chydenius 450 m2
  • Donner banquet hall 288 m2, 2nd floor, stage
  • Donner sports hall 192 m2, floor 0, wooden floor
  • Hakalahti 470 m2, stage
  • Halkokari 242 m2, stage, wooden floor
  • Kiviniitty 360 m2, stage, wooden floor, mirrors
  • Koivuhaka 426 m2, wooden floor
  • Länsipuisto 600 m2, stage
  • Torkinmäki 450 m2
  • Jokilaakso 148 m2
  • Mäntykangas 138 m2, mirrors
  • Rytimäki 83 m2
  • Villa 174 m2, wooden floor
  • Kaustari day care centre 87 m2
  • Ulkometsä day care centre 88 m2

School halls in Kälviä, Lohtaja and Ullava

  • Kirkonkylä Kälviä 280 m2
  • Marttila 96 m2
  • Ruotsalo 200 m2, wooden floor
  • Lohtaja school 273 m2
  • Marinkainen 273 m2
  • Rahkonen, Ullava 286 m2, a small separate gym
  • Veikko Vionoja, Ullava 300 m2, a small separate gym

Reservation of sports facilities

Regular time slots in the sports halls of Hollihaka, Isokylä, Maininki, community centre Vapaa-ajantalo and the Kokkola Sports Hall can be applied for with an online application form every year until 31 May. After the application period, you can apply for free regular or one-time time slots directly with the city sports office. Use the Timmi booking service to see the real-time reservation situation of the sports halls.

The regular training slots are meant for regular, weekly use. Cancellations for unused training slots shall be made at least two weeks in advance.

Reservations and billing