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Kaksi naista istuu laiturilla eväskorin kanssa. Toinen kaataa kahvia toisen kädessä olevaan kuppiin. Taustalla näkyy meri ja aallonmurtaja.

Service satisfaction survey for municipal inhabitants 2023

The Kokkola City Strategy for 2022–2025 describes the direction in which the city is to be developed, and what are the most important themes in this development process. Key themes in the development of the City of Kokkola include business-friendliness, child-friendliness and enriching experiences. Through these themes, the overall aim is to increase the well-being and feeling of cohesion of the inhabitants and to enable them to build a good and meaningful life in Kokkola.

The focus on experiences can be seen in Kokkola as a diverse and distinctive selection of culture, sports, and other events. It also includes diverse options for housing, safe and comfortable living environments as well as a lively urban centre and active villages. Perhaps the most important experience of all, however, is the Kokkola spirit – an atmosphere of strengthening inclusion, cooperation and communality.

Success with regard to these goals is measured annually through a service satisfaction survey of the inhabitants. We hope You answer our survey and share your views on the development of services with us.

Respondents are eligible to participate in a prize draw for IPhone 15 mobile phone. If you want to participate in the draw, you may leave your contact information at the end of the survey. Your survey answers will be anonymous, and your contact information cannot be linked to your answers.

The survey is open 4.-31.12.2023.

Service satisfaction survey for municipal inhabitants 2023