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Down a degree – Kokkola

National Down by a Degree campaign starting this fall, encourages all Finns to take quick and concrete energy-saving measures. The objective of the campaign is to get at least 75 percent of Finns to save energy and in the long-term permanently lower their energy consumption. It is an objective we all share, at home, in traffic, at workplaces and in schools.

Short-term goal

To get over 95 % of Finnish households to save energy and cut down on their consumption by 5 % during peak hours.

Long-term goal

To permanently lower energy consumption and reduce electricity consumption peaks.

On this page, you will find current information of the energy situation and how it affects services provided by the City of Kokkola.

Down a degree – saving tips

Kokkola takes part of the Down by a Degree campaign. As part of the campaign, Kokkola is committed to take concrete energy-saving measures.

  1. We will check and adjust hot water temperature limits from current 58 degrees to 55 degrees in all city owned properties. This will amount to savings of up to 15 percent in heating costs in our properties.
  2. We will inform and guide our employees and residents on how to save energy in cooperation with the local energy consultants.
  3. We will increase energy awareness in basic education and upper secondary schools

It is now more important than ever to save energy. It will benefit each individual and our society as a whole. It is about security of supply, reducing the risks associated with energy availability, and money.

How the energy situation affects services provided by the City of Kokkola

Swimming centre VesiVeijari


  • Only one sauna in use during morning swimming (6 am to 8 am), i.e. one for women and one for men.
  • The infrared saunas are not in use until further notice.
  • Winter swimming opening hours are shortened with a few hours.


  • The energy efficiency of showers is improved.
  • Customers are encouraged to take sensible and efficient showers.
  • It is still important to wash yourself before entering a pool.

Lighting of outdoor exercise areas

  • Exercise tracks and ski trails are illuminated in the mornings from 6 am to 8 am and in the evenings with a dusk switch until 22 pm.
  • Ice skating rinks are illuminated from dusk until 9 pm (in Santahaka until 9:30 pm). Lights are not kept on, if the area is not in use.
  • The Keskuskenttä artificial turf field is not heated between November and March. Weather conditions are taken into account when the heating season starts.