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How to prepare for a power cut?

Saving energy every day and preparing for power cuts helps us all.

How do electricity shortages arise?

An electricity shortage occurs when electricity production and imports to Finland are not enough to cover electricity consumption.

Fingrid aims to carry out any power cuts in a controlled manner and to give advance notice on them. Regional power cuts last between 1 to 2 hours. The probable time of the power cut is between 8 and 10 am and 5 and 7 pm, when the consumption is at its highest. The aim is to exclude critical societal functions like hospitals from the power cuts. Power cuts can also occur abruptly.

Saving electricity reduces the risk of electricity shortage

The risk of electricity shortage can be reduced when we use electricity sparingly. Consumption is at its highest on weekday mornings and early evenings. Energy saving tips are available on the Down a Degree website.

Energy saving tips

Where can i find information?

The power companies will give advanced notice of impending rolling regional power cuts – in Kokkola: Kokkolan Energia and Korpelan Voima. Kokkolan Vesi and regional water cooperatives will give information on water distribution. Yle Radio Suomi and other news media as well as municipalities will report news and instruct municipal residents.

Yle Radio Suomi in Kokkola: 87,6 MHz. 

What to do when the power goes out?

Be prepared before a power cut!

  • Make a list of items you need during a power cut.
  • Write down missing items and purchase them in advance.
  • Make sure everyone in your family knows where everything is and how they are used.

Make sure you have an emergency supply

  • Enough water and food, essential medicines, small amount of cash, flashlight or other light source and batteries, backup power supply, battery-powered radio as well as food and water for pets.
  • Take care of friends and family – make sure they know how to prepare for a power cut.
  • More information and a home preparedness brochure can be found on the website.

Information during a power cut

  • Find the Yle Radio Suomi channel and listen to announcements from authorities. During an extended power cut, mobile phones and the internet may stop working.
  • Also your electricity company and water utility company will post information of ongoing power cuts. Avoid calls, follow the information on the internet or radio.
  • Don’t call the emergency number to check e.g. when the power will be back. Non-emergency calls may block the emergency number.

Electrical appliances

  • During a power cut, switch off all electrical appliances that heat up, like the stove, coffee maker and iron. You should also turn off the washing
    machine and dishwasher and remove battery-powered devices from their charger.
  • If possible, don’t leave your home during a power cut, to ensure nothing unexpected happens when the power comes back.
  • Keep your fridge and freezer door closed to protect the contents.
  • Keep doors and windows closed to prevent heat from escaping.
  • Equip your home with smoke alarms and first aid fire extinguishers.
  • Street lights and outdoor lights will go out. Use reflectors and flashlight when you leave your home.
  • In the event of a power cut, elevators and the electrical locking on doors may stop working. Use stairs if possible.
  • A power cut can also cause disruption in public transportation, stores, gas stations and ATMs.

Water and waste water, district heat

  • You may have running water during a power cut, but you should avoid using it. You can drink tap water.
  • Follow the water company’s instructions. Avoid using the shower and toilet if possible.
  • If the property has district heating (kaukolämpö), the hot water coming from the tap can be extremely hot. Use cold water.

After a power cut

When power is restored, turn your appliances back on one at a time. This way, the sudden momentary power surge won’t cut the power again. Avoid
using electrical appliances which uses the most electricity right after the power comes back. Water flow may not be normal. Please follow the instructions from the authorities