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Three smiling child

The early childhood education services of the City of Kokkola offer services to families with under school-age children in different situations.

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) is implemented in day care centres, family day care and group family day care.

Open early childhood education is available in the form of children’s clubs, family clubs and guided playground activities.

In addition to municipal ECEC services, families can apply for a place in privately operated units accessible with a service voucher.

The early childhood education services of Kokkola also handle Kela’s family benefits and home-care allowance.

The ECEC activities in Kokkola are based on the municipal early childhood education and care plan. The key features are promoting the well-being of the children and families and offering a high-quality entity that consists of upbringing, education and care.

In Kokkola, the current focus areas in early childhood education are positive upbringing in keeping with the Child-Friendly Municipality programme, promoting the social inclusion of the children, emphasising the importance of physical activity in everyday life, and securing the overall well-being of the children.

The wellbeing of families is supported in collaboration with the services of the Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority of Social and Health Services Soite.

The website of the early childhood education services in Kokkola is designed particularly for applying to early childhood education and care, exploring the different services, and for services related to the early childhood education fees. Families who are already customers of the early childhood education services shall contact the services first and foremost through their own unit and the Päikky system. The early childhood education office provides service counselling related to the early childhood education fees.