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Each child is offered development and learning support through flexible arrangements in the child’s own early childhood education and pre-primary education group. The planning of development and learning support measures is based on the child’s strengths and needs related to their growth and development. Collaboration between the guardians and the day care personnel is important when support measures are planned for a child.

  • Three-tier support system

    The Kokkola early childhood education and pre-primary education services have in place a three-tier support system which consists of general support, enhanced support and special-needs support. All support measures provided for children are planned and adjusted in accordance with the changes in each child’s individual need for support.

    The support measures

    The support measures may include pedagogical (teaching-related and educational) solutions, structural solutions (such as a smaller group size or assistant services) and arrangements that support the well-being of the child and family.

    The child’s pedagogical documents

    The support received by a child, as well as the goals for pedagogical activities aimed at providing the child with support, are entered into the child’s early childhood education plan and, in pre-primary education, in the child’s pedagogical documents which are reviewed regularly.

  • There are eight special needs teachers working in early childhood education in Kokkola.

    A special needs teacher in early childhood education acts as an expert on the child’s learning and development.

    • Works with an individual child or in a group with the children.
    • Consults, guides and supports the educators in everyday situations related to care and education, as well as in the provision of support.
    • Assesses a child’s need for support in collaboration with the guardians and the ECEC personnel.
    • Collaborates with the guardians, the ECEC personnel and other specialists.


    You can find the contact information of the special needs teachers in early childhood education from the websites of the units via the links below.

    Pre-primary education units

    Municipal day care centres

    Municipal family day care

    Service voucher units