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Culture for everyone

Together with other local operators, the City of Kokkola organises versatile cultural events and activities for the locals and visitors alike. The cultural services in Kokkola are especially aimed at children and young people, the elderly, and other special groups who may have problems with accessing the different of cultural services.

For children and young people, the city organises opportunities to explore different art forms, both in early childhood education units and schools. In addition, families are provided with cultural hobbies all over the city. Each year, the children’s culture event Loistavaa! – Strålande! (Amazing!) takes place in November. The cultural events and activities in Kokkola can be found easily from the city’s event calendar and the Kulttuuri-Kokkola Facebook service.

The City of Kokkola encourages local associations and groups to take their own cultural event programmes and shows to the service housing units in the area and other similar centres for the elderly and disabled, as the residents in these units may not otherwise be able to attend any cultural events. Associations and artist groups visiting service units can be compensated for their performance. Fill in the form found on this page and return it to the office of the Kokkola cultural services.

If you have a severe disability and cannot participate in, for example, cultural or sports events without a companion, you can obtain an EU Disability Card from Kela. The EU Disability Card (with the symbol A) offers the companion of a severely disabled person free access to the services of some organisations providing cultural services. For more information on the entrance benefits related to the EU Disability Card, contact the Soite services for the disabled or the educational and cultural services of the City of Kokkola.

Soite customers who are experiencing financial difficulties may also receive a Kaikukortti card. By showing the Kaikukortti card, the owner of the card can get a free ticket to the cultural services that are involved in the Kaikukortti activities. The Soite service units provide more information on the Kaikukortti card.