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Sound engineering level of Snellman Hall is suitable for speech events. The acoustics of the concert hall can be modified with the adjustable acoustics curtains.

Sound Reproduction

  • Mixer: Yamaha TF Rack in Control Room. 14 Microphone lines from stage to the mixer.
  • Amplifiers Main system, 2 x Nexo NxAmp 4x1C, 2 x Nexo PS10R2 + 2 x Nexo LS600.
  • Loudspeakers with delay 2 x Nexo PS10R2. Front-fill 4 x Musicson. RCF mfa 200 + amplifiers Qube 200W. Sidefill.
  • Wireless microphone Shure BLX SM58 and headset
  • Cd player
  • Close to the mixing point in Hall 4 x Cat6 lines for sound and lights. Two of these to the stage (A and B) and other two to the Control Room (C and D). DMX/Cat adapters.

Lighting Technology

There are fixed spotlights in Snellman Hall but also separate, movable spotlights are available also hang points for truss. The control panel for lights (Emil Niethammar) cannot be connected to external equipment. See detailed list for the port addresses of stage lights.


There is a  Epson EB-G7900U wireless video projector on front of the stage and a screen (size 4m x 5m). Se more details on attached file.

Electrical Connections

  • Power centre is situated approximately 3 metres from the stage, with electric power of 16A, 32A and 62A.
  • Back of the stage: Power sockets with electric power 16A ja 32A.
  • There are electric wall sockets for lighting every five meters alongside the wall of the hall (altogether 8 sockets). In addition, there are 3 sockets on the stage and 5 at the sides of the stage.

Use of Effects

The contact person of Snellman Hall must be informed in advance of all effects (such as smoke, strobe lights, laser) planned to be used in the hall. As a rule they are not allowed.

Wireless Internet Access

There is a wireless Internet connection (KokkoLAN) available both in Snellman Hall and in the foyer. There is also a wired connection available in the foyer.

Additional Equipment

  • Snellman Hall provides altogether 11 separate, movable risers (120 cm x 180 cm) for hire. The height of the risers is adjustable to 30 cm or 50 cm.
  • Music stands 40 pc
  • Folding Tebles (size 182cm x 74cm x 74cm), colour light-gray, 40 pc, rent 15€/ pc.

Water Points

There are no water points in Snellman Hall.  The points are situated in the backstage area.

Unloading/ Loading equipment

There is a separate side entrance for unloading and loading the equipment. A ten meter passageway leads from the entrance to the stage. The entrance is easily accessible, since a bus or a truck can be driven directly next to it. Snellman Hall has not any loading equipment. When you use your owns, please contact the Concet Host in advance.

Merchandise Stall

There is an area reserved for the sales of merchandise in the foyer.

Contact person

Please contact regarding all technical matters  Sampsa Kujala,, +358 40 3569 110. Event organiser must contact the host at least one hour prior to arrival at Snellman Hall. When booking the venue, please be sure to mention the time needed for arrangements, setting up, unloading, loading etc. as well.