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Palomiehen paraatikypärä, jossa on Kokkolan vanha tunnus eli palava tervatynnyri.

Authority work and statements

The K.H.Renlund Museum performs an official duty as the expert on cultural heritage in its area of responsibility in Central Ostrobothnia. The museum’s tasks include participating in negotiations with authorities and providing specialist statements, particularly in the context of land use and construction projects. In addition, the museum offers other guidance and advisory services related to the above-mentioned projects. It is advisable to contact the museum already in the initial stages of projects and statement request processes. The museum’s official duties cover the built environment as well as the archaeological cultural heritage.

  • The K.H.Renlund Museum provides official specialist statements regarding archaeological cultural heritage in the following cases:
    – land-use planning and wind power projects
    – environmental impact assessments
    – forest management
    – underground cabling
    – transfer sewer pipes
    – land extraction
    – construction projects

    The latest information on archaeological cultural heritage can be found in the publicly available cultural environment service (in Finnish). It is advisable to request a statement from the museum and/or contact the museum’s archaeologist at the earliest possible stage.

    Please consider also:
    – Ancient relics can also be found under water, which must be considered when planning measures such as dredging.
    – The protected areas related to ancient relics are marked on maps or in the terrain only occasionally, and sometimes the extent of the area related to an ancient relic is unknown.
    – The cultural heritage sites marked in the terrain may also be stationary relics as referred to in the Antiquities Act, even though they may not be recorded in official registers.

    For statements and advice, please contact:
    Lauri Skantsi
    +358 (0)44 7809 055


  • The K.H. The K.H.Renlund Museum provides official specialist statements regarding the built cultural environment in the following cases:

    – Town planning process and related negotiations with authorities
    – Building and action permits
    – Deviation permissions and demolition permits
    – Infrastructure projects
    – Environmental impact assessments

    Statements and advice for the Kokkola area are provided by:
    Curator of Cultural Environment
    Jouni Mustonen
    +358 (0)44 7809 759

    Statements and advice for the municipalities of Halsua, Kannus, Kaustinen, Lestijärvi, Perho, Toholampi and Veteli is provided by:
    Curator of Regional Heritage
    Risto Känsälä
    +358 (0)44 7809 758

    However, the Finnish Heritage Agency issues the statements in the case of:

    – built cultural environment protected by specific laws (the Church Act, the Act on the Orthodox Church, decree on the protection of state-owned buildings and legislation on the protection of buildings) or a site where protection is under consideration under the above-mentioned laws.
    – land-use when the process involves sites or environments listed above.
    – regional planning processes where the Finnish Heritage Agency monitors the basic motivation of the project, its goals and the achievement of national land use objectives.

    Please note! Electronic requests for a statement related to the built cultural environment can be submitted