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Activities for children and families with children – a sprinkle of adventure and buckets of experiences in Pedagogy, Exhibition Hall, Lassander House and Kieppi 1st of March 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Free entry!

Join the sensory tour at Kieppi!

Listen, smell, touch, and see the wonders of nature.
Also featuring Jani Ylikangas’s photo exhibition of the Owls of the Fable Forest.

Bear Awakens to Spring – Workshop at the Exhibition Hall

Artist Katja Tschährä holds a family-friendly workshop where we create art and poetry about the bear awakening from hibernation. We’ll be using watercolors and crayons. Feel free to bring your own teddy bear as a model!

At the Exhibition Hall, you can also admire the fascinating artworks of the newly opened exhibition Worlds in Between! The exhibition includes bear-themed drawings by Katja.

Experience a school day with an old-fashioned schoolmistress at the Pedagogy!

Can you write your name using calligraphy? Do you know what is Finland’s national bird? Come to pedagogy and let the schoolmistress guide you. You can participate in lessons at any time or drop by multiple times. 

12-12.45 Calligraphy
13-13.45 History
14-14.45 Biology

At the Pedagogy you can also explore the ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ exhibition and try solving puzzles of the workbook.

Find the house elf in Lassander House

A shy household elf lives in Lassander House. Sometimes you might hear the sound of a bell, notice footsteps, or catch a glimpse of a grey sweater. Can you find the house elf? Come and give it a try!

Come and try out Villa Elba´s garden games

In the yard of the Museum Quarter, you can play fun garden games with the instructors from Villa Elba.