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The cultural environments as places for art and communality project was part of the Finnish Heritage Agency’s innovative projects for Museums with regional responsibility. The aim of the projects was to attract interest for and promote awareness of cultural environments.

The project participants were chosen through an open call organized by K. H. Renlund museum and aimed at municipalities and associations in Central Ostrobothnia. The local associations Kannus-Seura ry, Lestijokilaakson Taideyhdistys ry and Oskari Tokoi-seura ry in cooperation with the cultural services of the City Kannus were selected. The project was carried out between March 1 and June 30, 2023. The project gave visibility to the cultural environment in Mäkiraonmäki in Kannus by means of community art, which participants planned and implemented with visual artist Mari Mathlin. The set of 11 buildings in Mäkiraonmäki are considered as built cultural heritage sites of national significance.

During the spring discussions were held with the participants to consider how to enliven the unique museum environment in Mäkiraonmäki by means of community art and also share information about the history of Mäkiraonmäki and its uniqueness. The result of the collaborative planning process was a family friendly event, called Traces, that took place on June 6, 2023. The activities included participatory workshops, live music and art exhibitions.

The exhibitions and collaborative art works are exhibited in Mäkiraonmäki’s buildings and outdoor areas during the summer of 2023. Humble’s garden, an exhibition showing artwork made during a course in art graphic in May as well as drawings and texts about Mäkiraonmäki, made by the third and fourth graders at Takalon koulu, are exhibited in Topiantalon. Clay bowls and reliefs made by the event day visitors are exhibited at the Local History Museum, and the collaborative paintings made with plants and foods are exhibited in the entrance hall of Joosepin talo. On view in Aapan tupa, is an exhibition of old photographs of the buildings and the former residents of Mäkiraonmäki. Outside, on the corner of Aapan tupa is a traditional roundpole fence built by local experts and in front of the Sofia stage is a Traces sculpture that will be created during the summer by visitors.

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Mathlin, Mari
Project Coordinator
Tfn 040 738 9080
– Kulttuuriympäristöt taiteen ja yhteisöllisyyden paikkoina project