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Ihminen pyörätuolissa, jonka selustassa roikkuu reppu. Kuva on rajattu ja siinänäkyy pyörätuolin takapyöriä ja ihmisen käsi.
Pixapay – stevepb

Trullevi hiking trail and Cobble fields (3 km/direction)

Difficult accessible trail – The sections between Punakallio and Rastimaja and from Valkohieta to Itähieta rest stop are accessible but challenging. When crossing Mastometsäntie road, you should watch out for a steep downhill section on the accessible trail which, when travelling from Trullevintie direction leads to a road used by cars. The trail has a long climb when travelling from Mastometsäntie towards Sienestäjäntie road.

Trullevi hiking trail and Cobble fields Skip video: Trullevi hiking trail and Cobble fields

Laajalahti shoreline trail (1.7 km)

Difficult accessible trail – the initial section of the trail starting in Laajalahti parking area follows an easy duckboard path. There is an accessible toilet as well as a barbecue shelter along the trail. The trail section after the barbecue shelter follows a gravel-surfaced path. This is a circle trail marked with signposts.

The first section of the trail leads along duckboards through dunes to the seashore. From here, the trail continues through a pine forest near the shore before turning back towards the parking area. Along the trail hikers will find a barbecue site, bathing area, changing rooms, accessible toilet, birdwatching tower and two campfire sites near the shore. The city provides firewood for the barbecue at Laajalahti bathing area. The trail is maintained for hikers in winter.

Laajalahti shoreline trail Skip video: Laajalahti shoreline trail