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Pelastusrengas Ohtakarin uimarannalla.

Beach etiquette and safety at beaches

General rules of swimming beaches and beach etiquette

  • If you see broken rescue equipment, playthings or exercise equipment, damaged piers or other hazardous equipment, inform the party maintaining the beach.
  • Small children are not allowed on the beach unsupervised.
  • Guardians must be vigilant while their children are playing.
  • Do not go swimming if you are alone on the beach.
  • Always swim parallel to the shoreline and only within the beach area.
  • Do not use alcohol on the beach
  • Do not enter water or go swimming if you are intoxicated.
  • Do not feed birds on the beach.
  • Making a fire is allowed only in designated spots.
  • Place your trash in designated collection bins.
  • Please leave bicycles and other vehicles at the parking area.

How to save someone from drowning

  • Call for help when possible before doing anything else.
  • Encourage the person to stay calm and tell them that help is on the way.
  • Find a rescue aid. Find something long enough to help you and keep you safe, preferably something   that will float.
  • Ask someone to help you or call 112.
  • Rescue: approach the person quickly but with caution. Keep the rescue aid between you and the person. Hand the rescue aid to the person if they are close to the beach or throw the rescue aid to them. Pull the person in, perform the necessary first aid measures and help them to follow-up     treatment if necessary.