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Outreach youth work

Help with different life situations for persons between 15 and 28 years of age concerning:

  • well-being
  • studying
  • work
  • finances.

We help young people to find the right services for different situations.

We support the youth in achieving their own goals and making plans for the future.


Confidential and free of charge

Outreach youth work is professional guidance offered on the young person’s own terms.

The collaboration is always based on voluntariness from the young person’s side.

Young persons can contact the outreach youth workers if and how they choose.

Youth workers can be contacted by an authority or guardian here (in Finnish or Swedish).


Timeout activities and Nuotta coaching

The Timeout service is offered to young persons who have dropped out of military or civil service. The system is based on confidentiality and voluntariness. The outreach youth workers are also trained Timeout instructors.

Outreach youth work may also provide young people with access to different group activities, such as the NUOTTA coaching programme organised by the Finnish Youth Centres.