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Advice for coping in freezing temperatures

The next few days are very cold in Finland and the price of electricity is exceptionally high. The adequacy of electricity is also under strain. Because of this people are urged curb their electricity consumption, particularly during peak hours that run in the morning during 8 am and 10 am and in the evenings between 5 pm and 10 pm.


  • Turn off electric floor heating that is meant for comfort purposes. Avoid using an electric oven and don’t heat an electric sauna stove.
  • Turn off your car’s cabin heater and avoid using engine block heaters. Don’t charge electric cars when the prices are at their highest.
  • If possible, turn of outdoor electric ice and snow melting and frost protection systems and other outdoor heating systems. Don’t turn off heating cables connected to water pipes.
  • Turn off all electrical devices and disconnect chargers that aren’t necessary right now.
  • Reduce the set point temperature of electrical radiators as much as possible.
  • If it’s necessary to continue heating rooms and water without interruption with electricity, try alternating between the devices. Make sure that the property’s water pipes and water meter room are kept warm.

Protect your property’s water supply during periods of freezing temperatures!

  • Make sure the property’s water pipes and water meter room are kept warm.
  • If there are heating cables connected to the water pipes, keep them on.