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My Kokkola promotes integration in Kokkola

The new My Kokkola service makes it easier for international talent to settle in the area and find work here. It provides help in finding local language courses and many other types of day-to-day, leisure and employment services.

“It is certainly not possible to create a databank that answers all questions because needs and situations change. Therefore, My Kokkola’s content focuses on establishing and strengthening social networks. The databank will be complemented with issues and questions that arise”, according to project worker Satu Vihtari.

The My Kokkola service is one of the Talent Coastline Employment project’s measures to help global talent settle and find employment in the area. The European Union is supporting the development of this service. The service also includes an advice provision unit known as the Welcome Office. The Welcome Office provides assistance to those who are unable to find the information they need via the online service too.

My Kokkola and the Welcome Office also serve the area’s businesses, as lack of knowledge about permits or the hiring process of foreign-language employees could hinder the full utilisation of the foreign talent potential in the area. Furthermore, the Office has information available to employers about different support services for international recruitment.

My Kokkola is also linked to the Centria Talent Hub’s operations. In addition to students, the City is targeting the service at residents who have moved to the area due to work or family reasons, for example, and who require support with their integration. Vihtari continues:

“Even though the name is strongly connected to Kokkola, the intention is not to focus on the area within the City borders but to provide information about the entire Kokkola region and employment area. For example, the plan is to review the need for the Welcome Office’s services in the surrounding municipalities as well.”

The services are being developed in cooperation with the area’s organisations and the local Talent Coastline ecosystem, and as part of the nationwide Talent Boost programme and the Integration Partnership programme.

The online service has now been launched, and feedback is welcome via the Give Feedback section. The service will be further developed with its target groups and operators of the network. The My Kokkola service is being marketed to the target groups as part of its launch process.

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