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The K.H.Renlund Museum’s latest publication takes us on a journey into marginal art

The K.H.Renlund Museum’s latest publication, Marginaalista lähtee…, has been published. The richly illustrated publication consisting of articles that delve into the genres of marginal art through art history, economics and creativity. The book is published in Finnish and is aimed at a wide readership.

The book Marginaalista lähtee… is a work that combines different disciplines and perspectives and gives a wide audience access to additional information about an art field that has received little attention in Finland. One of the aims of the publication is to open up opportunities for identifying and recognizing the potential that emerges outside the mainstream of art.

The book, which is only available in Finnish, is divided into four themes, each of which begins with an expert article. The expert articles are written by Jussi T. Koski, Ed.D., Kristina Ahmas, Museum Director, Emerita, & Katriina Meller, Art Curator, Colin Rhodes, expert in Outsider Art and Professor at the Hunan Normal University, and Alf Rehn, Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management at the University of Southern Denmark. Liisa Heikkilä-Palo, an expert in the field of art publishing, who is well-known as a cultural producer and curator and has a long history with ITE art, has been in charge of the photo editing.

The richly illustrated book mainly presents works in the collection donated by Elke and Werner Zimmer. Among the colorful images are works by Franjo Klopotan, Minna Ennulat, Josef Wittlich and Silvino Hector da Rosa Pratas, among others.

The publication has been made possible with the support of the Alfred Kordelin Foundation. The book is available for purchase in the K.H.Renlund Museum’s museum shop and can be ordered through bookstores.


Marginaalista lähtee…, 2023.

Editorial staff: Kristina Ahmas, Liisa Heikkilä-Palo (pictures), Katriina Meller

Publications of the K.H.Renlund Museum 11. ISBN 978-952-5619-37-9

Articles: Kristina Ahmas, Jussi T. Koski, Katriina Meller, Alf Rehn, Colin Rhodes

Translations: Tapani Kärkkäinen

Text editing: Lauri Oino

Layout: Riikka Löytökorpi

Photo editing: Petri Kuokka

For more information, please contact:

Art Curator Katriina Meller

K.H.Renlund Museum

040 805 0818