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Invoicing and payments

The City of Kokkola has an electronic invoice circulation system in place and invoices are requested to be submitted as e-invoices. The e-invoicing services are provided by CGI with the Operator ID 003703575029.

The city’s e-invoice address, or EDI identifier, is 00370179377801

The e-invoice address of Kokkolan Vesi is 00370179377811

The City of Kokkola’s business ID is 0179377-8.

Note! The invoice details must include a buyer identifier.

The City of Kokkola forwards invoices according to the buyer identifier. The four-digit buyer identifier is transmitted via a Finvoice file.

The UNIT4 ERP system reads the buyer identifier information from the tags below. They are prioritized in the order shown below.







Please note that the Port of Kokkola, Kokkolan Energia and Kokkolan Työplus are no longer municipal utilities.


VAT reverse charge in the construction industry as of April 1, 2011

The VAT reverse charge mechanism is applied when construction services are sold to the City of Kokkola. The seller must issue an invoice to the city of the construction service sold, which must include the price without VAT.


YEL certificate is required from sole traders and solo self-employed

Self-employed person’s pension insurance and YEL or MYEL certificate

General information

According to public sector pensions’ instructions, a pension insurance contribution should always be paid on work carried out in the public sector.
Trade income is any such compensation paid for work or service that is not considered wages. If the city acquires services from a self-employed person (sole trader, private person), the city must investigate the self-employed person’s pension insurance and ask the them to provide a certificate of the self-employed person’s pension insurance (YEL or MYEL certificate).

Provision of YEL or MYEL pension insurance

Those providing services for the City of Kokkola have to consider that self-employed persons (sole trader, private person) must provide the municipality with a YEL or MYEL certificate, a copy of the insurance policy or insurance contribution at the time of the first invoicing, and annually thereafter.

This also concerns so-called light entrepreneurs. The certificate is sent by email to Monetra Oy, which is a financial service provider used by the City of Kokkola:

If the self-employed activity lasts at least four consecutive months, a self-employed person has to take out a pension insurance under the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act within six months. When the business activity is small-scale (in 2020, earned income is less than 7,968.99 €/year) the self-employed person is not obliged to take out YEL pension insurance and the work is covered by JuEl (Public Sector Pensions Act).

The self-employed person has no YEL or MYEL insurance

If a self-employed person does not have a pension insurance, the city will pay an insurance contribution (about 17 %) under the Public Sector Pensions Act on invoiced work.
The invoice sent to the city by the self-employed person will be paid in accordance with the principles of payments of wages and the employee’s share of the wage-based pension contribution will be withheld from the payment (7.15 % under 53 and over 62 / 8.65 % between 53 and 62).
Wages and salaries are paid on the15th of every month or the last bank day of the month.

Retired self-employed person

A retired self-employed person shall provide a certificate of retirement. A retired self-employed person is covered by the Public Sector Pensions Act until the end of the month of his or her 68th birthday, and the city is therefore obliged to pay employee and employer contributions to KEVA in the absence of a YEL or MYEL certificate.