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After-school activities in basic education

In Kokkola, after-school activities referred to in chapter 8 a of the Basic Education Act are organised in all primary schools. Morning activities are only organised for pupils with a special needs education decision.

The city is in charge of coordinating the activities and ensuring their legality. The services are usually provided by different organisations. The activities are aimed at first and second-graders and pupils in grades 3–9 who are attending special-needs education.

The activities are primarily aimed at children whose parents either work or study. The activities generally take place in the school facilities.

The Finnish National Agency for Education has approved the core criteria for the goals and content of the morning and afternoon activities in accordance with section 48a, subsection 3, of the Basic Education Act. Morning and afternoon activities shall be organised in conformity with the core criteria that entered into force on 1 August 2011.

Operating hours of the afternoon activities

  • The units offering afternoon activities are open 12:00–17:00.
  • In the school year 2023–2024, afternoon activities are organised on weekdays from 9 August 2023 to 31 May 2024.
  • No activities are organised on exceptional school days that fall on Saturdays, during school holidays (autumn, Christmas and winter holiday) or on school graduation days.

Applying to the activities

The afternoon activities are primarily aimed at children whose parents either work or study. The City of Kokkola has not adopted any selection criteria, which means that all applicants in grades 1–2 are admitted.

  • Apply to afternoon activities by submitting an electronic form via the Wilma system when you enrol your child in school. The application period runs from 1 February to 30 April each year. The electronic application is only available to new pupils who will start in grade 1 in the upcoming fall.
  • After the application period, you can still apply for a place in afternoon activities by filling out the form you can print out here (in Finnish). Print out the form, fill it in, sign it and return it for example as a scanned version to
  • The decision on a place in afternoon activities is sent by e-mail (or mail).

Applying to afternoon activities mid-year

  • You can also apply for a place in afternoon activities in the middle of the school year by using the form you can print out here (in Finnish). Submit your application directly to the unit to which you are applying at least two weeks before you wish your child to start in the afternoon activities.

Cancelling a place in afternoon activities

  • A child’s place in the afternoon activities must be cancelled two weeks before the child stops attending the activities. Notify the unit in question of the cancellation either orally or in writing.


  • 80 € / month for 13 or more days
  • 60 € / month for 1–12 days
  • Sibling discount –20 %

The fee covers daily snacks, accident insurance and trips and events included in the activities. The service providers will collect the payments from the children’s parents.

Goals of afternoon activities

The purpose of the afternoon activities is to promote the children’s overall well-being and health and lay a foundation for positive growth. Moreover, the goal is to support the educational work done both at home and at school, offering the children versatile and high-quality activities in the company of safe adults.

The activities are organised in compliance with the action plan approved by the Director of Education, aimed at providing top-quality, non-discriminatory activities in all units.

Key contents of afternoon activities

  • Each unit is/can be unique.
  • The activities shall form a consistent and versatile entity for the children.
  • The activities shall provide children with social interaction and aesthetic experiences.
  • The activities shall offer invigorating and versatile exercise and outdoor activities every day and include a possibility to act independently.
  • The activities shall include relaxation and rest.
  • Doing homework during the afternoon activities is voluntary, meaning that children can do a part of the homework if they wish, but the parents shall be responsible for the completion of the homework.
  • All children shall feel welcome to the afternoon activities.
  • The children shall also be included in the planning of the activities, and their ideas shall be taken into account when possible.

Monitoring the activities

Under chapter 8 a, section 48c of the Basic Education Act, the municipality shall evaluate the morning and afternoon activities provided or acquired by it and participate in external evaluation of its activities. The evaluation results shall be used to develop the activities.

Units offering afternoon activities

In Kokkola, afternoon activities are organised in the school year 2023–2024 in all primary schools, meaning in 18 Finnish-speaking and in 4 Swedish-speaking units.

  • Secretary General Tuija Biskop +358 (0)50 5976 585,

    Person in charge of the afternoon activities Henri Salonurmi +358 (0)44 3363 218

    Operating units:

    Halkokari +358 (0)44 3363 205

    Isokylä +358 (0)44 3363 218

    Jokilaakso +358 (0)44 3363 204

    Rytimäki +358 (0)44 3363 210

  • Executive Director Tuula Torppa, +358 (0)40 5041 564,

    Operating units:

    Koivuhaka +358 (0)40 5187 609

    Ykspihlaja +358 (0)40 3562 102

  • Chair Kaisa Rainio, +358 (0)40 5232 233,

    Operating unit:

    Hollihaka +358 (0)40 7085 678

  • Coordinator Carita Laitala, +358 (0)44 7809 300,

    Operating units:

    Isokylä, special needs education +358 (0)40 8068 293

    Kaustari +358 (0)40 4892 130

    Mäntykangas +358 (0)44 7095 903

    Torkinmäki +358 (0) 44 7809 898

    Ruotsalo, Kälviä +358 (0)40 8068 289

    Marinkainen, Lohtaja +358 (0)40 8066 010

    Kirkonkylä Lohtaja +358 (0) 44 7809 796

    Rahkonen, Ullava +358 (0)50 4436 901

    Veikko Vionoja, Ullava +358 (0)40 4892 108

    Kiviniitty +358 (0)50 5015 768

  • Executive Director Tuire Matilainen, +358 (0)44 3350 080,

    Operating units:

    Kirkonkylä, Kälviä +358 (0)44 3533 435

    Marttila, Kälviä +358 (0)44 3350 081

    Peltokorpi, Kälviä +358 (0)44 7276 115

  • Chair Eva Ahlund +358 (0)44 2816 620,

    Contact person Charlotta Uusitalo +358 (0)44 7809 788

    Operating unit:

    Chydenius +358 (0)400 989 200

  • Chair Marina Sjöstrand, +358 (0)41 4536 298,

    Operating units:

    Villa +358 (0)44 2424 878

  • Chair Tarja Jakobsen, +358 (0)400 959 687,

    Operating unit:

    Öja +358 (0)400 216 984

  • Chair Benita Haals, +358 (0)50 4049 437,

    Operating unit:

    Såka +358 (0)40 3533 720