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Applying for a place in early childhood education and care

Apply for a place in early childhood education and care at least four months before the need for the service starts, or as soon as you are aware of the need for day care.

Applying for a place in a municipal day care centre, family day care and group day care

The primary way of applying is by filling out the electronic day care application. Choose day care centre or family day care as the form of early childhood education. If you wish, you can also add a secondary choice.

Define your need for day care on the application and fill in the date when you would like the service to start. You can enter two preferred day care units for your child. When possible, the ECEC placements are made in accordance with the families’ first preferences.

You will receive the decision on your child’s ECEC placement approximately one week before the need for the service starts.

The application for a place in early childhood education is valid for one year.

Sudden and unpredicted need for early childhood education

If you are facing a sudden and unpredicted need for day care due to employment, studies or education, apply for a place as soon as possible.

However, the application must be filled in at least two weeks before the need for day care starts. It is advisable to acknowledge that the designated day care place may be in some other unit than those you name on the application.

Applications made across municipal boarders

All applications made across municipal boarders are handled on a case-by-case basis. In such case, please contact the early childhood education office: or tel. +358 (0)40 806 5089, Mon, Wed and Fri at 9:00–11:00.

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