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Termination of a day care place and the care-place guarantee

Termination of a day care place

Terminate your child’s day care place in writing either on the client fee form or by sending e-mail to The day care place cannot be terminated retroactively.

Care-place guarantee

If you wish, you can discontinue your child’s day care placement temporarily, provided that the child’s care relationship with the day care unit in questions has lasted for at least four months.

The child can return to the same ECEC unit after the discontinuation. The care relationship must be discontinued for at least four months and at most two years.

You must sign a written agreement about the start and time period of the discontinuation with the head of your day care centre no later than two (2) weeks before the discontinuation. No fees are collected from the discontinuation period. Notify your day care unit of ending the discontinuation at least four months before the child returns to day care. Returning to day care after a discontinuation period always takes place in August.

During the discontinuation period, all children under the age of three are entitled to home care allowance, and children under school age are entitled to the sibling increase of the basic amount. You family may also use the open day care services.