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Pre-primary education pursuant to the Basic Education Act (4 h/ day) is free of charge. If the child needs early childhood education in addition to the pre-primary education, then the day care hours are subject to a charge. You will find the maximum fees for early childhood education in the table below.

Day care hours Fee percentage Youngest child Next child Other children
Free pre-primary education 4 h/day + day care 20 h/week or less, at most 86 h/month 60 % 173 € 144 € 58 €
Free pre-primary education 4 h/day + day care

20–35 h/week, at most 150 h/month

75 % 216 € 108 € 43 €


If the child needs day care after 31 May, a new contract will be drawn up. Day care after May is subject to a client fee based on the family’s income.