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Families are obliged to submit a notification if the income of the family changes significantly or if the work or study situation or the size of the family changes.

If the decision regarding the determination of the fee is based on incorrect information given by the client or their representative, then the fee can be retroactively adjusted for at most one year.

The client fee will also be reviewed if the applicable regulations are amended.

Submit your client fee form and the income statements for the revision of the early childhood education fee by using the service
or by mail to:

City of Kokkola
Early childhood education services
P.O. Box 43 (Kauppatori 5)
67101 Kokkola

Client Fee Form



Impact of joint custody on the client fee

If the guardians of the child reside at different addresses but the child is provided with early childhood education in only one municipality, the fee is based on the income of the family with whom the child is living according to the Finnish Population Information System.

The fee is determined according to the guardian’s current family size and gross income and the child’s agreed day care hours. The child’s guardians must mutually agree on how the invoice for the child’s early childhood education is paid.