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  • Holidays do not reduce the client fee.

  • Notify your early childhood education unit of the absence immediately when the child falls ill.

    When a child is absent from early childhood education because of illness for at least 11 working days during a calendar month, then only half the normal monthly fee will be charged.

    When a child is absent due to illness for all working days during the calendar month, no fee is collected.

  • When a child is absent for all working days of a calendar month for any reason other than illness, then half the monthly fee will be charged.

    If the child has even one day of attendance, the entire month’s fee will be charged.

  • A child is not entitled to early childhood education during paternity leave. No fees are charged for the period of the paternity leave.

    Use the client fee form to notify your day care unit of the paternity leave at least two weeks before the start of the leave. Submit the notification to the child’s unit or the early childhood education office.

  • July is a free month for all children that started early childhood education no later than in August of the previous year  (e.g. July 2021 is free of charge if the child started early childhood education by 31 August 2020).

    There is no charge for July, even if the child is attending care.

    However, if the day care relationship started on 1 September or later, the client fee will also be charged for July.

  • Families in Kokkola can receive a maximum of three free months during the summer if the child is away from early childhood education for June–July, July–August or June–August.

    The free months of absence shall be applied for in April. Information on the application period will be conveyed via the Päikky service.

    A written agreement shall be drawn up for the absence. The notification is binding, and agreements made after the deadline will not be considered. If the child enters early childhood education during the agreed absence period, the agreement will be terminated.

    The child’s place in early childhood education will remain unchanged, despite the free periods in the summer. However, child home care allowance is not available for the absence period.